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    Aren't the performance ratings a simplified version of what you're suggesting? I've had a ML for 2 seasons who's been getting 7-6 ratings. This isn't acceptable to me so I just bought a replacement with a 6 point advantage who has been getting 4-6 ratings. Clearly thing's aren't working out for the new guy. Not sure why, but I don't see how I need any more information to determine if a guy fits my scheme or not.
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    I rather like this idea. This is probably the most common request on facebook.

    The idea for moving number is actually pretty elegant in that it would be a simple enough animation that they could actually focus on the engine changes necessary to calculate moving players.

    As a programmer, I know this would (still) be a massive change. Namely because it's a simple 2D layout. If you are looking for 3D animation, forget it. Once a game is developed in 2D it's a huge undertaking to change to 3D (go to a game that's already 3D!).

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    Onur you got your wish lol
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