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Thread: Appropiated 3D for TE2021?

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    Appropiated 3D for TE2021?

    I always defended that the simplicity of the game could be killed if a aggressive 3D version is implemented. This means that players should stay without morphology to focuss the managers attention in the basics of the simulator.

    So, here my sketch. Keeping the billiard-player-balls in a 3D animation that keeps the original simplistic essence.

    Appropiated 3D for TE2021?-te2021-sketch-edit2.jpg

    edit: better sketch more polite

    Appropiated 3D for TE2021?-te2021-sketch-edit3.jpg
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    I agree with keeping things simple. 3D with very few animations is a waste of time. 3D with many animations and you will have many players who will leave the game as many of their devices aren't powerful enough. In the end, even with countless animations. An experienced player would have seen them all and get bored. Better to keep things simple and maintain a good functional interface with minimal performance issues for the masses.
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    I tihnk that before 3D is considered the animation should get more realistic, for me there's nothing to gain with 3D

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    not bad
    Actually what I miss is some way to see if the ball is high or low.
    I mean some animation scenes have a different explanation if the ball is high and the players use their heads.
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