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Thread: Ability to change a skill being learnt

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    Ability to change a skill being learnt

    Hi Team. is there any ideas to give us users the chance to change a skill that we set to be learnt. I’ve accidentally started to train 2 players with skills that I didn’t want them to have. I only have the option to pause it, but would love the option of stopping it and changing it. It would also help when you purchase a player who has a skill that one of your players was learning. You could then switch his skill to give the team more balance.
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    Absolutely agree. We could have the option to delete a SA to give a 2nd chance if a SA dont work as expected.

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    Brilliant Idea, I never really use the feature but this could be really helpful for any miss clicks, they should also give us an “Are you sure you would like to train this special ability/position? ✅ or ❌.

    I would prefer the choice to cancel it but there should also be my suggestion of the are you sure option that I mentioned above.

    My suggestion would also reduce mistakes or unintended chosen positions.
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    This would be great. Some players are fantastic and the only thing dragging them down is their lousy SA. And yes we also change our mind midway at times. It will be good to have an option for the player to forget the old and pick up a new SA.

    Please consider it. It would be a good option to have even at a token cost
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