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Thread: Control the Abuse of Power -Hard Tanking -Using the Economy

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    Another way is to establish a Fee (and only If you want play tournament of association) each begin of season, 1st day, only for team that doesn’t reach 8th place in the past season. Fee established in this way: Platinum: 6 token each 8*, 10 token each 9*, 20 token each 10*; Gold 1 an half. Players without contract are Also included in the fee.

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    Fees are not the answer, as paying players wouldn´t give a damn. And you can´t penalize managers that didn't promote because the season is a race to catch up with AvQ and some managers just couldn't make it.
    The answer is simple: every trophy should be count to be promoted. This way, every team that have won a Cup, CL or League should be promoted, because if the team was able to win a trophy it has quality enough to compete at a higher level.

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    I am for hard tanking. What if you are matched up season against two teams whose entire team is 180 tom183 which is a 10 star player. The only way to escape that is tank. I have never tanked but if I go on vacation I am tanking. Now, Nordeus appears only to,take surveys and answer questions, not change much.
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    Stop the theft of stars after a promotion or decrease it to 5%. Tankers are encouraged to continue doing it. Decrease the rediculous number of levels to 20 instead of over 100....

    Do a migration with the levels and make the users happy with 80% less tankers and a stable star level.

    This is ridiculous and frustrates the guys/women that don't like to tank and want to compete.

    Also chat function during any match to talk with the opponent with an auto Translate.

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    You guys are out of control here, we need more opportunities to improve not less, fees, fines, and punishment are you kidding1 Popele tank because they do not want to spend a lot of money and resources and then get promoted and lose 20% on their achieved efforts. These are certainly not the solutions. This game as is not good for motivation. If you want people to stop tanking and become competitive you need to make the game more realistic an competitive, Nordeus needs to restructure the game as real football. We need 5 leagues and one two super leagues. The five leagues would need to be structured as the real ones are. You start off in league 5 the first 4 teams get promoted with no loss of percentage the remaining teams all lose 5 % each and the last 4 lose 10% The first four get promoted in league 4 and the last four in league 4 go down to league 5 and lose 10% the loss of percentage should be the punishment, not the reward. Then all first four get promoted all the way up into league one every league will have four teams promoted to the next upper league and four relegated to the lower. Every league should be divided into four groups except League 2 and 1 every first team in every group is the one who moves up to the next league and every inner league cup winner regardless of standing has a playoff game end of the season with the second-best team of the four groups the winner gets promoted also this in the group leagues then in league 2 it's straight promotion into league one and demotion into league 2 from one for the last four with a loss of 10%. ONLY when you arrive in league one then you compete for slots in CL and Cup, the winner of the inner league cup in league one also qualifies for CL regardless of the standing in the league and the second finalist in the inner league cup qualifies for the next season Cup. Then if a team wins 5 times the league and three times either CL or Cup they move to super league where they will play for a position in the Top Eleven all-time great managers. There are too many games to play as is between CL, Cup and League in the way I have delineated people will also have the time and more resources to train and rest their players and be able to improve at a lesser cost to them but also their resources and cost would increase the better they become and move up, This is how real football works and it should be reflected in the game, this method, in my opinion, would eliminate the tankers and motivate everyone to do better it's rewarding that move people to do better not punishment. If I had to undergo fines and fees I would stop playing altogether you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.
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    Players tank because they want to win and can't. Fix the draws. Insert more bots if you have to.

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