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Thread: Suggestions Reminder - 2021

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    Suggestions Reminder - 2021

    Let's keep a list of ... some stuffs I shared lol

    1- Fix the 3-0 achieved when theres a forfeited match that counts as draw.

    2- career mode based in the creation of a trophy per league, so we divide the leagues in different cathegories -we could too create a division mode? adding the 5 Premier League divisions? ¿?- so, winning in lower level leagues or divisions you would unlock a more prestigious league.. we could have 5 levels.
    Basically on day 1-2 we would choose the League-Trophies we wanna fight for and the game would work exactly in the same way, just every manager could fight for the selected trophy even with 14 different managers in a same league.
    We could have 200 trophies to select, perfectly and would give a fresh air to the game, making it more complete with a small effort, because it isn't even a complicated feature to design.

    3- support on events regulated by the own win bonus instead friends support.

    4- Own Fan Club based in a FA so everyone can add you as friend and be added in your friendlist to support and send gifts easily just by searching your Fanclub with a #tag code, so we can build big fan bases with 50K followers+ per club..

    5- Add the Myanmar Flag.

    6- Auto Promotion when reaching a 9* player.

    7- Allow contract extensions until 42 years.

    8- Beta server - Server 300 open for tests -

    9- Create the 10th star -Black Star -

    10 - Adiós Top 100. Until FAs are redesigned.

    11- Negos 25+ age or only allow until 59%. Or, allow only, Retired players, so would be like when a retird player goes to China to retire for few millions lol. This could be too, a Veterans market... that could extend the contract 3 more years afeter retirement, so a Veterans Market, that can be open the last week as now... or too during the first, but this would require to hold retirements during the 7 starting days without option to renew contract.. just to keep them available for the Veterans Market.

    **Lets say that when a player have the icon showing that will retire is automatically added in the Negos market, and the new club can have him for the current season and +2.

    12- Actually since the skill caps where removed there's a cap at 340 with the skills that don't count when these overcome 340%...
    For the adjustment of the simulator ... I realized that we don't really need new caps, it could work just by keeping the 340% cap but, don't taking into account skills that exceed the 15* so... adjust the engine to count skills until 280%

    13- Friendly Championships need to be developed in a way where communities can use it as a tool to organize quick competitions, like complete a cup in 1-2 hours... having different formatos to choose... the existing competitions could have codes to be found as usual.

    And the current Friends Champs. Need a "fixed hour" where to play the 1-2-3 games all at once inside a period of 30'-40' if posible, is so bad that games are spread between the entire day.

    14- force contract renewals if a 7* player don't promote. This would bring some realism here and would involve money...

    15- There was a right comment, regarding the 3* and 6*+ players value, that at some point is almost the same when we reach certain level... could be changed, or too the 14th point mentioned here could help to adequate value at some point.

    16- The profile screen show the emblem of the upper left corner wrongly displayed.

    17-Add 120%+ teams vs +2 levels
    It should be, like start the season, containing the avq, and seasonal training progress and decisions, should impact the performance.
    Would reduce tankers effect.

    18- Display the best 14 AvQ of all teams somewhere.

    19- Don't allow teams with x11 dots as names. At least show the player number in the live game report to identify the players correctly.

    20- add icons in the report to know when we scored from corner and other symbols to read reports more properly if we can't attend and we don't have at least the written match replay..... that could be saved too, really...
    Player number could be added in the report to prevent x11 players called "." hidde the information.

    21- FAs issues could be resolved by using a Dual AvQ Calculation explained here -basically converts the entire 1%-180% distance in a 1%-60% distance with 2 formulas available and sets the 60% as 180 and the 1% as 121% using the FAs AvQ equalizer filter that we currently have to equalize stars despite the level differance.

    This would mean that teams should display: Best 14AvQ /Current 11 Team AvQ / And the Dual AvQ used for FAs and maybe other events.

    22- Jerseys could have a own loan market, sponsors contract could reward the fact that you change the seasonal equipment from one season to another.

    23- Special League, CL, SL, and Cup emblem/jersey, having a evolution inside a stars system.
    So 1 trophy 1star, 3 trophies, 2 stars, 5 = 3stars, and then at 10,20, 50, 100th trophy the 7 star.

    24- Tickets not working properly when we set prices. The assistant should include related info in the reports.

    25- Job Centre - To change of club. It could be active some seasons.

    26- Pause team mode. (been suggested time to time in the community)

    27- Ticket Prices screen - Text is displayed covering the cash icon in Spanish Language due lack of space.

    28- Assistant improvement: telling you about Ticket prices, recommended prices if there's margin, too about players we are selling, if we can keep the price or something like, if you lower the player price to 96M it will be immediately sold.
    We need improvements in the economical section...

    29- Goat achievement redesigned

    30-Create referee profiles, like 8-12 per nationality, with different behaviors by default when showing cards and maybe even doing some minor mistakes visually displayed.

    Why its important top keep a close and known AvQ Beatability Margin:

    Once upon a time, we had a game, where the skills had a cap, and the margins were so close.

    The fact that you could easily,, in a intuitive way spot the distance, allowed you to work as real manager.
    You could check your team, train your good players, and see them being the differance.
    Training bad players, didn't work cause we know thet the external skills affectc very slightly to the internal ones, and the training in "bad programmed players" only increases the AvQ gap between 2 teams, this, is what determines the starting match scenario, but a "bad programmed player" didn't do the differance.

    Actually, with the high margins we have, what happens isn't that we create good players. Simply by pushing the whole squad with good/bad players at certain distance, fixes the scores and flips the coin by default. Not because good players by themselves, but for magin distance.

    So that's why Im more follower, of the real managerial way to play, knowing, and learning how to identify good players, and starting seasons in a close ambient where the effort in this field, and ofc' the proper training focussed in the right players, makes the differance.
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    i believe that with the "time played" as a variable combined with AvQ they can achieve wonders in every season start .
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    daily ads reset, not like 24-hour ads reset
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    Notifications when the 24h complete for greens. Same kind of notification we have 14 minutes before a match starts.
    If we want to support a friend match, tag the match in order to have a notification when my friend match starts.
    End of season prize not only for top scorer but also best assist player. Best performance prize only when you fix the criterias because one player with just one match done and rated with 10 in that game can stay top of the performance table which is ridiculous.
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    not found
    -Managers can change their home stadium picture in home matches for 5tokens (like changing team/stadium name), we can choose whichever stadium we wants just like how managers change their logo & jerseys.
    -Paid youth academy players are fast trainers like before revamping the Youth Academy.
    -League rewards tokens for top8 just so people can play league seriously and can slightly decreasing tanking problems.
    -24hr ad reset back to daily reset just like before (why fix things that ain't broken?)
    -Daily cone training gift, we can choose to whom we want to give that 4% skill instead of random from minimum 14players. (like pre-Morinho training drills)
    -Reward for top assist & top rated player in league just like top scorer, once you guys give +% passing to top assist in 1 month and it never return again. I think it's good to reward assister not just scorer.
    -Player who get rating 10 in match got morale on fire just like hattrick/3 assist players. it's hard for GK & DF to get 10 rating in match & they didn't get any on fire by performing admirably in the matches.
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    not found
    Still no teaser/preview of Top Eleven 2021? Probably there're no new major update?
    Maybe it's time to retire from this game now.
    It's kinda redundant & boring for me after 9years.
    Stay another year testing the Youth Academy and looks like it isn't really that good..But the monthly special sponsor are a good addition!

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    I'm surprised as well. We still dont know the date. I hope it will be worth the wait at least.

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    Check out for useful information about Top Eleven.

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    Maybe they will announce the removal of arrows
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomu741 View Post
    Maybe they will announce the removal of arrows
    Or maybe that now we have 8 per player