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Thread: Pitch patterns -short-long grass -field size -water grass

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    Pitch patterns -short-long grass -field size -water grass

    Is well known that teams intentionally cut the grass longer to benefit vs fast teams, or, water the grass to win ball speed, or, draw a bigger or small field area (Arsenal field is an example) to have a benefit for their own settings.

    I think that after the weather, that will have a random and unexpected effect in the upcoming games, we could have tactical pitch patterns, with different benefits depending on our own team.

    So short-long grass could be added.
    The option of a dry -sand?- or watered grass could be included.
    The field size inside the reglamantary options, too could be added.


    In reality it could be like "cards"... so...
    Big field -wide- could cost +5% condition consumption for the attacking line players , so a strategy to tackle oppo attack tiring them more faster if you contain them..... but add a +20% creativity for wingers... -20% effectivity for STs cause the size? but same time defence Heading lowered +corners FKs advantadge... ¿?
    Small fields could benefit Defenders, save condition cause the size...
    Wet grass... vs dry could benefit MCs + give passing bonus...

    etc... there can be a discussion here but can be something interesting.

    -Neutral Ground Effect 0% possession too***

    Add the shadow on the pitch** in one goal
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    Or maybe ice grass. So they can play with ice skates