The current format is: ‘key attributes for this player are highlighted’ with white and grey colouring identifying them. The possible roles for that player are not interactive and are merely to display info.

My suggestion is: instead of having key and not key, have primary, secondary, tertiary attributes with primary being most important and tertiary least for each individual position.
For example centrebacks have all of the defensive attributes and fitness/ strength/ aggression as primary attributes, passing/ dribbling/ speed as secondary attributes, with the remaining being tertiary. These could be identified by a gradient of some sort.

Also, it would be good to be able to tap on one of a player’s roles, if the player has multiple, and see the degree of importance of attributes for that position.

Simple change but I do think it would make the game more immersive by adding layers. This stops the game from feeling like you’re just inputting actions into a computer and more like you’re a manager of a football club.

Additional suggestion: have different jobs for certain positions eg. False 9 for ST or box to box for MC. However I do understand that this will result in big changes to the match engine and will likely not be worth the hassle.

I have been playing Top Eleven for almost two seasons now and am really enjoying it, however I have two main concerns:
1) There is a distinct lack of freedom and a big disconnect from reality with the nature of the transfer market and youth academy, however I don’t think this concern is easily solvable.
2) The pay to win aspect really harms the competitive scene and player experience, with teams being sometimes 30%+ above the possible level for non spenders, and will likely result in me not playing past 3 seasons. The gap is so big that no one really wins as it harms the experience of the player being beaten and the player winning all the time as I imagine it becomes quite dull. Despite this, I do understand that if there was a more ethical way of reaching those levels of monetisation it would’ve been chosen. Personally, I think in-game transactions should only function as a short cut, not to obtain something that is otherwise unobtainable for the free to play player. For example, in the first season, if a free to play player can’t get above 80%, you shouldn’t be able to get above 80% by paying.

Apologies for information overload, any feedback is appreciated.