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Thread: Token rewards for Champions league and Cup rewarding system

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    Token rewards for Champions league and Cup rewarding system

    I’d like to suggest an introduction of tokens as rewards for ranking high in champions league and Cup competition.

    This way we as the players will be more motivated to compete in these competitions and also it will be a new and healthy way to earn tokens which is the most valuable currency in the game.

    Currently you earn 28 Million in cash for winning the cup and around 72 million for champions league. If you add them up it will be the same as selling a 2star reserve player on the market which makes the reward not worth competing for.

    My recommendation is to add maybe 50 tokens for the champions league winner and maybe 20 tokens for the 2nd place only.
    And potentially 30 and 10 for cup winner and runner up respectively. (Just a suggestion)

    I think the game will be way more enjoyable if you introduce the tokens to the rewards

    Kind regards

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    Tokens for Cup winers would be good prize for TANKERS.

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    This has been suggested many times however can you imagine the manipulation that would occur if that happened? It would make the CL & Cup out of reach for anyone but a Tanker (as it pretty much already is).
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