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Thread: Injury - change the way they work

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    Injury - change the way they work

    I've been thinking that we could have somehow two kinds of injuryes, those who are caused by the aggressive tackling so are unexpected, but, when a player for some reason isn't in his best day, and have a high % to be injured, we could have a visual signal like a excess of condition loss.
    So then we could detect somehow that a player isn't fine and then manage the team properly preventing a posible injury based on something tangible.
    Because in reality many times a coach can see when something isn't right, a player can't run properly or just don't feels good and this would create the effect.

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    it will work if you see his performance, on this scripted games it is imposible bcs you see just limited things, for me it will be better, since moral and preparation also affect injuries, make less injuries on activly managing teams, there also need to be gradation of injuries, weak can be heeald with treatmans, medium can be halved duration but leave one day unable to play, and heavy injuries can be healed for some point but make player unable to play 2-3 days, that will be more realistic, but also taking care that managing team has less chance of getting players heavyly injured