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Thread: Set a minimum in negative attributes.

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    Set a minimum in negative attributes.

    Negotiations will be a source for the exploit if negative skills aren't limited absolutely in all levels, the whole top 100 is a non sense full of exploiters that just force others to do the same, keeping 1*s ¿? moving players through accounts ¿? and same time eliminating the value in this case of any Tokens purchase that other players do because it isn't posible to develop a team in a single account to compete vs all these cases.
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    Negative skills. Unbelievable that this exploit hasn't been closed yet. I can't believe that it's impossible to impose a minimum on skills when we have had a maximum set for so long now.

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    Seems like they already fixed this by penalising those players with low greys. No need to risk losing players who have multiple accounts. Just make sure these players lose important matches. Giving them bad draws help as well without risking too much.

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    Negative skills cannot be limited down, because if manager goes to the next level evey season and absolute skill value is not improved, then it loses 20% each season.

    But there is something much better that can be done and solves the problem.

    To set a limit to the difference between skill category (example defense/attack). Example 80%. That means that if defense is 40%, attack can not be more than 120%. If attack is 150%, you won't be able to train attack unless defense goes to 70% (80% diffference). A similar limit can be set as the max difference between a gray and a white skill. Example 160%. So, if some gray skill is -60%, then the maximum for all whites (with limit to 160% in our example) would be 100% (so no train would be available for whites mor than 100%). If that limit is set to 120%, then when a negative is -40%, maximum white becomes 80%!
    A 80% can be also the limit between skills of the same color (two grays or two whites).
    With this it is not possible to train mutants as well!!!
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    like to top cap for drills 340 make the low cap to 0

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    I told them years ago that skills should not go bellow 1%, because it's abused for draw manipulation... Do you really believe they cared?