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Thread: FC Calibre '78: Comic relief (American Team)

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    FC Calibre '78: Comic relief (American Team)

    I'm going to put my team here on the showcase. Yes, I'm a noob. Yes it's only season 7. Yes, I haven't won squat in awhile. So why is my team here?

    Simply, the names of my players. I am an MMO it's only natural that I burn valuable tokens on player names and nationalities.

    FC Calibre '78: Comic relief (American Team)-season-7-roster.png

    Here are the names expanded:

    GK: Nut Bucket, Crunchy Alamiga
    Defense: Frozen Yogurt, Snack Food, Future Zombie Girl, Charlie the Unicorn, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Rick Grimes, Boat Nectar
    Midfield: Cuddles the Kitten, Waffle Juice, Lunch Box, Mugdobo Gambia, Ghengis Kahn, Jesus of Nazareth, Gooshie 45
    Strikers: Fiery Death Pixie, Alise teh Checkers, Ras Tafarian

    Previous players include: Squishy Alamiga, Master Yoda, Carl the Llama, Billy Bob Jimmy Joe, and of course The Kitchen Sink.
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    It's awesome you have Zaphod! I actually considered that too.

    Love the funny names!
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    You should've done this a long time always love a little flavor & character in the team showcase...

    btw, I once considered naming one of my player Kit Chen Sing...
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