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Thread: The Storm in Chicago

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    The Storm in Chicago

    Hello Everyone!
    On Behalf of the Chicago Storm, I, Hawks4Life24, would like to welcome you to the
    Only Official Page of the Chicago Storm FC!

    1. Introductions

    Before I introduce you to the wonderful football club we have here in The Windy City, I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce myself.
    My name is Kyle, or Hawks, whichever you prefer. I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. (Good enough?)
    I am the current and only owner of the Chicago Storm FC. This has been my only team, and it was created on the seventh of July, 2014.

    The Storm in Chicago-team-info.png

    2. The Current Team

    Now, getting to the juicy stuff, here is the team I am currently rocking.
    I prefer to run the 5-2-1-2 formation, although Nordeus claims it to be a 4-1-3-2.
    I really like this formation, and it has proven itself over the past 2 seasons, although I have nothing to show for it... yet.
    And yes, the bench and the reserves aren't the best, but shhh.

    The Storm in Chicago-squad-v5.jpg

    3. Season by Season Results and Trophy Cabinet

    Like I mentioned earlier, my team has proven themselves to be a good, quality team, yet we have no silverware to prove it to you with.

    Season 1 League: 2nd | Champions League: NA | Cup: NA
    Season 2 League: 3rd | Champions League: Quarter Finals | Preliminaries

    The Storm in Chicago-trophy-cabinet.jpg

    4. Team Record Holders

    Personal Records
    Most Appearances (All Competitions) : Rafal Romachow ~ 85
    Most Goals (All Competitions) : Zivojin Maric ~ 58
    Most Assists (All Competitions): Evghenie Grosu ~ 36
    Most Goals In 1 Game : Zivojin Maric ~ 5

    Team Records
    Highest Scoring Game : A Foreign Team Name 1:14 Chicago Storm FC
    Longest Unbeaten Streak : 26
    Longest Winning Streak : 9

    5. Chicago Storm FC Hall of Fame

    No one currently, but over time I will add players as I deem they've met HoF quality, whether met via points, appearances, accomplishments, or a mix of the three.

    6. Transfers

    Transfers In

    Name : Xisco Camacho | Nationality : Spain | Position(s) : GK | Quality : 27 | Age : 25 | Special Ability : 1-on-1 Stopper | Price : 490K
    Name : Fouhad Taubira | Nationality : France | Position(s) : MC | Quality : 34 | Age : 25 | Special Ability : Playmaker | Price : 1.43M
    Name : Tamás Garamvölgyi | Nationality : Hungary | Position(s) DC, DR | Quality : 34 | Age : 18 | Special Ability : None | Price : 3.58M

    Transfers Out


    7. Housekeeping

    I will try my best to keep this thread as updated as possible, and at the very least I will post updates every Wed. and Sat. night.
    Don't think of this thread as mine, think of it as ours. Your suggestions will be read and I will use them to help this get better.
    Leave your comments/suggestions/questions in the comments. Feedback is much appreciated.
    Thanks for taking time out of your day to partake in the Chicago Storm adventure with me.
    Let the Storm rage on!
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    Just a quick post to give you updates on my games thus far this season (3).
    Home = Red, Away = Blue

    8/24 Cup Chicago Storm FC 3-0 solares FC
    Daniel Kofi Amo 3'
    Mario Götze (Evghenie Grosu) 31'
    Evghenie Grosu (Rafal Romachow) 47'

    8/25 Cup solares FC 0-4 Chicago Storm FC
    1', 29', 82' Matt Carseldine (Zivojin Maric, Zivojin Maric)
    29' Martín Rodríguez

    8/25 League Chicago Storm FC 5-0 Some Team Who Has A Name I Can't Read
    Zivojin Maric (Matt Carseldine) 22', 23'
    Akif Torlak (Zivojin Maric) 30'
    Matt Carseldine (Evghenie Grosu) 67'
    Mario Götze 71'

    8/26 Champ. League opjk FC 2-3 Chicago Storm FC
    26' Daniel Kofi Amo (Akif Torlak)
    35', 67' Matt Carseldine (pen.)
    Elvir Duro 46'
    Somjai Madsiri (Kevin El Gaaouiri) 80'

    8/27 Cup Chicago Storm FC 2-0 FC liebero
    Karim Boutadjine 68'
    Zivojin Maric 74'

    8/27 League Ipswich Town 1-3 Chicago Storm FC
    14' Zivojin Maric (Evghenie Grosu)
    Chris Gross (Fiete Hölscher) 65'
    81', 86' Martín Rodríguez (Evghenie Grosu)
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    I broke the bank for these two new players, but I feel that they will be 100% worth the investment. Both are 34 rated.
    The Storm in Chicago-taubira.jpg
    The Storm in Chicago-garamvolygi.jpg

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    8/28 League Chicago Storm FC 2-2 ann hùng FC
    3' Lê Hào Kiệt
    Zivojin Maric 28'
    47' Lê Trung Thành (Lê Hào Kiệt)
    Karim Boutadjine (Evghenie Grosu)

    8/28 Champ. League Chicago Storm FC 1-0 Ferrothorn CF
    Akif Torlak (Evghenie Grosu) 79'

    8/29 League VEDAT BAYDAN FC 0-6 Chicago Storm FC

    10' Matt Carseldine (Zivojin Maric)
    22', 61' Zivojin Maric (Matt Carseldine, Matt Carseldine)
    35' Tamás Garamvölgyi (Matt Carseldine)
    77' Fouhad Taubira (Evghenie Grosu)
    82' Martín Rodríguez (Evghenie Grosu)

    8/29 Cup FC liebero 0-3 Chicago Storm FC
    28', 37', 88' Matt Carseldine (Pen.)

    Just some final housekeeping. The reason I'm doing the text results is because the screenshots are extremely big, and when this is said and done, you'd have to scroll a mile and a half down to get the the bottom of the page, lol. If you prefer the screenshots over the text, or vice versa, let me know!

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    Hey nice beginning of your showcase!
    I wish you all the best for the future...
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    As the Qualifying Rounds of the Cup have ended, Chicago Storm FC are moving on after beating FC liebero twice with an aggregate of 5-0. During the playoffs run, the Storm will be facing off against soccer city. His team isn't the best, but we can't under-estimate our opponent. Also, what the crap is his formation? lol
    The Storm in Chicago-soccer-city.jpg
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    After today's games, our MC Martín Rodríguez has grown to a 4 star player.

    The Storm in Chicago-rodriguez.png
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    If he keeps that formation you'll have 80% possession -- missing winger. (Squad - Top Eleven Official Wiki)

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    If he keeps that formation you'll have 80% possession -- missing winger. (Squad - Top Eleven Official Wiki)

    Good luck!
    So basically, he's helping me? He does have some decent players in there so I still have to be careful.

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    I'd plan for playing v hex front-end as slipping that AMC to the left is not a big deal....if he watches but is late then you might get a 5 min possession boost.

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