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Thread: Leicester Tigers

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    Leicester Tigers

    Hello and Welcome to the LeicesterTigers page! The team reporter, myself Matt, has decided to move the reports from the general season discussion to here to make it easier for fans to find the Tigers news and information. On a side note, I'm doing this for practise for a real job I would like to achieve when I'm older, it's a different sport (rugby) but there is no rugby manager as good as this! Any advice or suggested improvements will be welcome! Please read

    The Leicester Tigers were founded on Sunday 26th July 2015. They are currently in Season 5, league level 5


    Cup (0)
    Season 1: Quarter Finals
    Season 2: Round 1
    Season 3: Last 16
    Season 4: Quarter Finals
    Season 5: Semi Finals
    Season 6:

    Champions League (1)
    Season 1: Not Qualified
    Season 2: Champions (1st in group)
    Season 3: Last 16 (2nd in group)
    Season 4: Last 16 (1st in group)
    Season 5: Group Stages (4th in group)
    Season 6: Last 16 (1st in group)

    League (3)
    Season 1: Runners up
    Season 2: Champions
    Season 3: Champions
    Season 4: 3rd Place
    Season 5: Champions
    Season 6:

    Season 1

    Leicester Tigers play season 1 in league level one and are not in the Chmpions League. At the start of the season team manager Terance set optimistic targets for the clubs first season. "This year we want to finish in the Top 2 of the league, securing promotion and Champions League Qualification. This target also makes us fight for the League title. In the cup, I believe we can make the Quarter Finals, this will be hard due to a tough draw, but to be amongst the best, you must play and beat the best" Cook will be the Captain this season, with Ward being vice captain. Leicester Tigers made it to the cup Quarter Finals put lost to the eventual champions by some margin. Tigers were on top of the League ladder until round 23, eventually coming a disappointing 2nd

    Season 2

    Leicester Tigers play season 2 in League level two and due to the 2nd place finish last year, have qualified for the champions league. At the start of the season Terance set high targets. "We need to win something this year and build on the foundations we made last season. To not win the league after having a 15 point lead at the top at one stage in the season was disappointing. We will be aiming to win that and make the semi finals at least of the Champions League. Plus the semi finals of the cup" Cook will captain the Tigers this season with Ward as vice Captain.

    Interesting Facts
    The first 4 Leicester Tigers victories all contained 4 goals. 4-1, 2-2 (4-2 pen), 4-0 and 4-2. Tigers played one more game in this period which they lost 4-0.

    Leicester Tigers defeated Tenifayo FC 13-0 in the second leg of the cup Playoff round 3rd season at home, the Tigers progressed that round 17-0!!!

    Welford Road

    This is the Teams home Staduim located in Leicester, England. The current capacity is 400. It currently has one grandstand called the Crumbie stand. Inside this stand there is a bar called the Captains bar, the main beer sold from this bar will be named after the current captain. This means that in Season 1, the majority of fans will be ordering a pint of Cook beer. The Staduim contains 3 changing rooms, officials, away and home. A storage building for the grounds men and equipment is also pitch side. The original capacity was 200, which grew to 400 on day 5 of Season 1. The stadium expanded to 1,000 early in season 2. During the end of season 2 and early season 3, the grounds capacity went up to 2,500 with further plans to expand 3,000 soon after. 3 days after the 2,500 capacity Welford Road opened, construction started again. 3 days later, Tigers played there first home match in front of a 3,000 crowd. For the start of season 4, the ground again went under construction to add the number of seats to 4,000. During mid season 4, huge plans were announced to expand the stadium to 7,000 including a new main stand featuring a roof for the first time. This stand opened in time for the 2nd leg of the cup Quarter final season 4. There are plans to expand the length of the new roofed Crumbie stand to make it the full length of the pitch, thus making the capacity 13,000 and is expected to be completed for the first round of the cup in season 6.

    Tigers triple tie wearers.

    Marko Nemeth (1)
    Marc Lemke (1)
    Sven Buhler (2)
    David Kaydi (2)
    Aaron Robertson (3)
    Pablo Moratalla (4)
    Lucas Carreno (4)
    Erkin Gurbuzerol (5)
    Robert Troedsson (5)
    Billy Taylor (6)

    Tigers Bronze Hall of Fame

    Ges Cook - Cook has been entered into the Bronze Hall of fame for being the first Club Captain. (1)
    Marko Nemeth - The first player to receive the Triple Tie, scoring a Hat-trick. (1)
    Marc Lemke - Had a fantastic season (2) scoring nearly 50 goals in one season, winning the 3 league player prizes.
    Sven Buhler - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    Serkan Ay - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    Maor Mizrahi - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    Ben Fenwick - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    Kevin Ward-Prowse - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    Karl Ozgoz - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    David Kaydi - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    Lanian Ferreira - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers
    Roberto Ricci - Entered into the Bronze Hall of Fame for playing 100 club games for Tigers

    Tigers Silver Hall of Fame

    Ges Cook - Cook has been promoted to the Silver Hall of Fame for playing 100 competitive games for the club.
    Marc Lemke - Lemke has been promoted to the Silver Hall of Fame for having a fantastic season 2 and 3, scoring nearly 50 goals and winning the 3 league player prizes during both seasons.
    Marko Nemeth - Promoted to the Silver hall of fame for playing 100 club matches.
    Sven Buhler - Promoted to the silver hall of fame for being so consistent over season 2-5 and still performing at his best now at 3 stars. Has achieved long term goal of 50 goals for the club.
    Maor Mizrahi - Has been promoted to the Silver Hall of fame for his long term effort for the club, waiting until the age of 34, nearly 35, to retire, and in his last season, still rating high and scoring plenty of goals.

    Tigers Gold Hall of Fame

    Marc Lemke - Lemke has been promoted to the Gold Hall of Fame for scoring 100 goals in as many matches.

    Tigers Platinum Hall of Fame

    The 100 Club

    Ges Cook (GK)
    Sven Buhler (ML)
    Serkan Ay (DC) (143)
    Marko Nemeth (ST) (152)
    Maor Mizrahi (MR)
    Marc Lemke (AMC, MC, AML)
    Ben Fenwick (DL)
    Kevin Ward-Prowse (DC, DR) (115)
    Karl Ozgoz (DL, DC)
    David Kaydi (ST)
    Lanian Ferreira (DC, DR)
    Roberto Ricci (ST)

    50 Goal Club

    Marc Lemke (AML, MC, AMC)
    David Kaydi (ST)
    Marko Nemeth (ST) (50)
    Sven Buhler (ML)

    Reporter : Matt (Season 1 to present)
    First Team Manager : Terance Weatherspoon (Season 1 - present)
    Trainer : Clyde Upton (Season 1 - present)
    Second Team Manager : Aston Priestley (Season 1 - present)
    Finance Director : Jon Quincy (Season 1 - present)
    Transport Manger : Archer Kelly (Season 1 - present)
    Stadium Manager/Staduim announcer : Darren Ibbot (Season 1 - present)
    Chairman : Matt (Season 1 - present)
    Head Groundsman : Walton Matthews (Season 1 - present)
    Ticket Director : Robert Beridge (Season 1 - Season 2) Walter Smith (Season 3 - present)
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    Good luck this season

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Good luck this season
    Thank you

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    A new team on the books score their first win (Day 1)

    Leicester Tigers, a team founded this morning were welcomed to this top eleven system with a victory over Real Madrid Fc in the cup. The team scored their first ever goal though Mizrahi in the 14th minuet. Maizrahi scored a second in the 41st minuet, plus a goal from Ward (58 minuet) and Placzek (64th minute) wrapped up the win for the Tigers.

    Press conference

    Cook, the Leicester Tigers captain said "it was really good to register our first win on home soil with such a big margin. It was really just what we were looking for"
    "How are things looking to shape up for this new team?"
    "First of all, I'm very proud and excited to be apart of this new team, the local people have been wanting a top eleven team for a long while and I'm glad and privileged to be the first captain that gets to deliver this. Hopefully we can produce some good tournament wins for the fans!

    The Leicester Tigers manager said "I hope that todays game is a little indication of what is to come with this great side! Ive managed to put together what i think is a great team, especially under the really low budget this team has! I would love to thank the team set ups and the players for making this possible"

    A final word from the Tigers man of the match Mizrahi. "My perforance today was just what I was looking for! I wanted to really play well so we can get some of the home fans into our sport! I sure delivered and I'm grateful to get the first ever goal for the team!"
    "A word on tomorrows game?"
    "Yeah erm well, we will travel to Indonesia in the early hours of Monday and we will play with the same mentality as today. We hope to score an early goal and put this game to bed without any worries and hopefully, as the odds suggest, move on into the next round of the cup!"

    In other news

    The Leicester Tigers 2nd team played in a friendly losing to one of the greatest sides in the business Mourinho FC 4-0. Team manager said "its great to attract the likes of such a strong team to our stadium Welford Road early on in this clubs life, i was impressed with the younger lads who played and are trying to progress into the first team. The sore line doesn't reflect how well they played"

    And finally the first team also managed to squeeze in a friendly match against Shady FC. This game went to penalties after the game finished 2-2. Tigers came out victors 4-2 in penalties. Striker Lee got injured during the game and will be out for 2 days.

    Breaking news; The Tigers chairman has announced that the stadium is under construction with seats being added to the 200 seater grandstand. "This shows that we already are expanding after the sell outs at todays games. I would like to thank the fans!"

    Please note, friendlies and 2nd team matches will not count towards the end of season stats.
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    Tigers record 2nd win to power though to the 2nd round of the Cup (Day 2)

    Leicester Tigers beat Real Madrid FC 4-1 at home yesterday to set up a nice buffer for the team. The team manger yesterday said in the press conference he would like an early score in the 2nd leg to put the game to bed, however this did not happen! The men in Green and red suffered a dreadful first half in their first ever away match of the clubs life. They had numerous set piece chances but failed to capitalise on any of them, mean while Real Madrid hit the woodwork many times! 0-0 was the half time score, on aggregate a very healthy 4-1 to the Tigers. Goals from Buhler (53 minuets), Placzek (57 minuets), Ward (76 minuets) and a header from injury stand-in haddrell (82') wrapped up a comfortable victory. Winning 4-0

    Press conference

    Cook, the Tigers captain had some interesting thoughts on the game "During the first half i was very worried with how the team played, and very worried with the amount of shots the opposition produced. I was far away on many occasions of saving the goals but luckily the woodwork played a part. As captain, i tried to inspire the boys and this seemed to have worked. No disrespect to the oponants however, they were good."

    Man of the Match for the Leicester scored a goal and also provided two assists from his boot. Left Midfielder Buhler! "Thank you for this prize, i worked really hard in todays game, especially after a poor start, I was glad to get a goal and help my team to become winners."

    The Team Manger also had some comments of the games outcome. "Today we saw some real pride and passion in this new team. I was impressed that the boys didn't get deflated at half time after so many wasted chances, it goes to show that this brand new team does in dead have some strong potential.
    "How are things shaping up for in the League perpetration?"
    "well, ill be up early in the morning to find out where we have to go and who we have to play. A top 4 finish in the league is the bare minimum for this team, especially after how good we know they can play. When the opponents are announced, I will see if winning the league is a realistic chance, it should be."

    In other news

    The win for the Tigers today puts them though to the qualifying round of the cup. They will play Dertmund FC who beat their opponents 6-2 on aggregate. Tickets for the home leg will be realised early in the morning when kick off time is confirmed.

    The Leicester Tigers season ticket will go on sale tomorrow to all fans. A number of 150 season tickets will go on sale, leaving 50 tickets for travelling fans and single time buyers. The season ticket will include ALL home league matches, plus the home leg of the Qualifying cup round. The season ticket will also include next seasons home, preliminary cup round. This results in 15 first team competitive fixtures. It will also include free entry to 3 2nd team friendlies, and priority booking for future home cup matches, and priority for away cup matches if we progress to the Quarter finals or further. It also includes a 10% discount in the club store, as well as a 50% discount to a Leicester Tigers on pitch festival event this season. Season tickets will be on sale for 4 days, with prices reducing every day because less games will be played. The prices are as follows; Tuesday = £80 (Save £10) Wednesday = £79 (Save £5) Thursday = £70 (Save £2) Friday = £65. (Save £1). Each individual first team competitive match costs £6. Thank you for your support.
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    Leicester Tigers begin League life with a big win (Day 3)

    Today Leicester Tigers played out of their skin in the league, beating opponents and possible title contenders Rodrigo Rodri FC 4-2 at home. An early goal from stand-in striker Haddrell (2') impressed fans and team mates and set the confidence levels high. Expectation was raised but the away side scored in the 33 minuet. However two minuets later Lemke (35') scored a magical goal to make it 2-1 at the break. Tigers scored 2 more after the break, Placzek (55') getting the first and Lemke (78') getting the second and his second. The away sides dampened the spirits in the 88 minuet but nothing could be taken away from the home side today. A statement was sent out to the rest of the league with a 4-2 win over a very good side.

    Press conference

    Cook, the Tigers captain had words of interest to say after the match "Today, i know its only our 3rd game but, today we played at our best and its going to take the club a lot of beating to play like that again for a long while. Unfortunately i was probably one of the worst players on the pitch today and the ratings and statists back that up, but ill be back."

    The tigers manager was very impressed with the Tigers "That was one top performance from the lads today, all of the early season hard worked training sessions are seeming to pay off however their is still a lot of work to do, especially in the defensive areas.
    "You said yesterday before the league fixtures you should be able to win the league?"
    "Yes of course we can, and with a performance like that every game then their is no question we can't. But we cannot get ahead of ourselves, one game has been played, 25 left. Thats a long long way and there are 4 or 5 teams in our league that are capable of winning. Work, hard work is still required. On a final note, i would like to thank the fans, the season tickets went on sale this morning and i have heard lots have been sold already, wow, the team will be looking to pay your support back with trophies!"

    The Tigers man of the match scored 2 goals today and 1 assist. Its the very impressive Lemke! "Thank you, thanks, I feel really happy with how I've played today, I think a lot of training help, and we could fit a lot in our schedule due to the late night kick off and the fact that the game was at home. I wasn't the only outstanding player on the pitch though, the whole team was!"

    In other news

    Striker, Lee made a return to the squad today coming on for 10 minuets at the end after being out for two days with a calf strain that he collected during a friendly. Team manger Terrance said "It wasn't ideal with the injury but it was a quick heal. During his time off, haddrell took his place and played 2 games, scoring in both. There is some serious competition on for the 2nd striker shirt, which is always good."

    The chairman of the club Matt has announced that the club has sold 92 season tickets in under 24 hours of opening the sales. "That figure is much higher than Expected after 4 days let alone 1." 58 Season tickets are still to be sold at the club ticket office, prices were included in yesterdays news flash! Thank you for your support.
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    Season 1 Leicester Tigers squad

    First Team (in common starting line up order)
    GK - G.Cook (c)
    DL - B.Fenwick
    DC - H.Ramadan
    DC - S.Ay
    DR - K.Ward-Prowse
    ML - S.Buhler
    MC -S.Placzek
    MR - M.Mizrahi
    AMC - M.Lemke
    ST - R.Lee
    ST - M.Nemeth
    S1 - D.Haddrell
    S2 - L.Caldecott
    S3 - J.Vaulks
    S4 - J.Moore
    S5 - S.Coddington
    S6 - M.Falkowski
    S7 - D.Wilson
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    Tigers remain top of the League after away Draw

    Leicester Tigers began their first ever double day match against Kazablanka away in the League. The team were poor compared to last nights standards with shown worrying signs ahead of the second game of the day. This was the first game in which the men in Green and red didn't score a single goal. Despite this the defence played really well and were clearly the best players on the pitch. Due to the strong defence, Tigers held out for a 0-0 draw.

    Home Cup disappointment for Tigers

    Leicester knew they had to play well against Dortmund FC who are ranked 3 levels higher than themselves. Leicester did in fact make improvements after the first match however it still wasn't good enough The away side scored in the 30th minuet and the home side never came back despite a few late chances. Fear not however, Leicester have one final chance to save their bacon when the team travels to Berlin on Friday. 0-1 the final score.

    Press conference

    Cook, Tigers captain commented "Well today, in both games it was simple, we just weren't good enough in any departments. Its disappointing especially after a really good set up and confidence booster yesterday. Maybe we got too layer back, especially in the league, as a team we will learn from this and gather experience. No worries though, we aren't yet out of the cup and we are still top of the League!

    The Tigers manager was shocked to find out the team were top of the league. "I went back into my office as soon as we landed and logged onto my computer to find out we were top of the league despite our draw today. I was shocked! In the game we failed to make any chances which was not good at all, do we deserve to be top, well after yesterdays performance yes, after todays not all. But then again, you don't win the league in the first week of the contest, I should stop worrying about the league position so much until the last week"
    "a word on the the cup?"
    Well, in the second game we actually made chances, enough of them to be fair but non were converted. The finishing was poor, this was probably due to the strength of the opposition but at this level we need to do better to remain competitive"
    "will you still be fighting to stay in the cup during the away leg?"
    "Stupid question, of course we will. Look, today we played poor but the reality is we are 1 goal down. 1 goal. If we try hard enough we can sort that problem out in the first 10 minuets of the match."

    In other news

    A further 23 season tickets were sold today bringing the total up to 115. This figure is truly outstanding. With season tickets on the rise, the new stand will be built and ready to be opened by the morning and in time for tomorrows league game against Siemen FC at 13:30. To extend the proud moment of the clubs first stand, the 2nd team will play 20 minuets after the final whistle against a team yet to be confirmed. Season ticket holders can include this game as one of their 3, free 2nd team matches. Season tickets are still on sale, with the prices for tomorrow and Friday stated in the Monday News flash. Friday is the last day to purchase season tickets.

    The team on Friday will travel to Germany to play the second leg of the 2nd round in the cup tomorrow. At tomorrows home game/s a lucky season ticket holder will get their name pulled out of the hat to get the chance to travel with the team, along with 2 non-season ticket holder friends. After arriving at the destination you will watch the team train and warm up for the game and then receive seated tickets to watch the game. To be with in a chance of winning this seasons Cup season ticket price, answer the following Question;
    Who is this seasons club captain?
    A) Mizrahi
    B) Ward
    C) Cook

    Enteries are free and please take the slip of paper on your way though the gate for tomorrows game. Ticket director says "this is a great little competition to try out in so give it a go and get some more Non season ticket holders into the Tigers to add even more supporters to our strong base!" Thank you and good luck.
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    Why not Cook as captain

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    Tigers open a bigger stand with a big win

    Today Tigers played the 3rd league game in the Season 1 campaign. The opponents were Siemen FC, a team with a good outfit but struggling to perform well on the pitch day in day out. It looked like Siemen FC had found their form just at the wrong time for Leicester with the whole of the first 15 minuets going in favour off the away side. This 15 minuet spell included a goal for Siemen FC which worried the majority of the 266 faces in the crowd. However, after this spell the tables turned in favour of the home side for the rest of the game with goals from Ay (28'), Nemeth (39' + 70' + 84'). A well deserved Hat-trick was earned. All this was helped out by a red card in the 72' for a poor tackle by the Siemen midfielder. It was a performance for the home boys to be proud of 4-1 the final score.

    Press conference

    Cook, the Tigers captain said after the match "The performance today was just what we were looking for, with the disappointment yesterday of a first home lose and a draw away we needed to put things right again, in time for tomorrows crucial match. It was lovely seeing Nemeth scoring a hat-trick, he deserves it with all the work he does."

    The Tigers manager said "We are back on track. That was the win we have been after, after playing poorly yesterday. In attack and in defence. The teams game heads stayed in the changing rooms for the first 15 but the lads soon found them. Nemeth played out of his skin, the best performance so far from a Leicester player, well done Nemeth"
    Whats the plan for tomorrow?
    "The plan is to win. A win with a 2 goal difference because that is what is required for us to make it though. The 1-0 dissapointment is out of our heads now and we will just play how we played today.We will head over to Germany after this press conference so we get there in plenty of time so we can get our heads in the game and prepared. The boys will be fresh and ready to go and try their best. Thats all i want. Dortmund FC are a difficult team due to the fact they are 3 levels higher."
    "Good luck"

    The triple goal scorer was the man of the match "I'm glad i scored a few goals today to help the club out! Thank you for the tie! But there is no time to celebrate, I need to rest and prepare for a big game tomorrow in which we need to win. You could say its the teams first must win game"

    In other news

    The 2nd team beat Shady FC as soon as the 1st team left the pitch. Goals from Vualks (16') Falkowski (33') and Vaulks again in the 84th to seal a win of 3-0. The team manger said that some of the players played fantastic and will soon be pushing for a 1st team shirt.

    Leicester Tigers have added Nemeth to the bronze level of the Tigers hall of fame for being the first player to score a hat-trick for the club. He will also receive a Tigers team tie to wear to show that he is a brilliant player. This tie will be known as the triple tie and will feature a unique design.

    Tigers ran a quiz during todays home game, the answer was of course C, Cook. We can now reveal that the person that got selected at random was....Khris! Well done Khris you have won the golden prize for you and 2 non season ticket holders to go and travel with the team to Germany. This will all be free along with the match tickets. Make sure you shout TIIIIGERRRRS loud, the club will need it to fire them up! Enjoy your trip.

    Finally, tomorrow is the last day to purchase a season ticket so please book up. A total of 128 have been sold so far leaving 22 to be sold. The Welford Road capacity is now up to 400 so they're plenty of single tickets also to be purchased for games thoughout the season. Thank you for your support.
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