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    Winner of "Be a Football Commentator - Win 50 Tokens!" competition

    Many of us at Nordeus reviewed the entries and had a great time reading funny and creative stuff.

    We have many favourites, but the one the all liked had to be #48 by Anthony Duncan! I mean, double effort (second time with pictures)! We loved the double pundits, the meta quotes "Shhhh dont tell anyone and ill give u 50 tokens." and rolled on the floor at:

    Pundit1 - 53 mins Simovski notices the referee has dropped his cards and gives the ref a yellow ohhh the referee gives him a yellow come on ref it was a joke...

    Winner of "Be a Football Commentator - Win 50 Tokens!" competition-unnamced.jpg

    Congrats Anthony, 50 tokens will be added to your account today. And thanks to all the others for making it such a difficult decision and such a fun event!

    Winning post:
    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Duncan View Post

    TV Pundits.

    Pundit1-Who would have thought at the start of the season these two teams would be fighting relegation.

    Todays match is being played at the home of Bratislav FC who have just completed there stadium upgrade to a 31,000 capacity and todays crowd are in for a relegation battle.

    Pundit2-Many have predicted that Bratislav FC will win but i think FC Ortiga will win this match and i have a prediction Milovanovic to score first and the result to finnish 3-1 to the away side.

    Match starts.

    FC Ortiga kick of and go right on the attack a long searching ball forward and Markovic slips..... Milovanocic is clean through on goal there can only be one outcome......GOAL !!
    Both sets of fans are giving Markociv a hard time.

    Pundit1- Bratislav FC 0-1 FC Ortiga
    Pundit2- Get in there ya beauty ohh sorry folks.

    13 mins Freekick to the home side and there's some pushing in the box the linesman is calling the ref over.

    14 mins Ostojic is shown a yellow card we will need to watch the replay to see what happend
    Pundit1 - It looks like he was booked for holding onto the attacker
    Pundit2 - What are you looking at he grabbed his nuts

    25 mins Hendriks tries his luck from the halfway line can he lobb seaman in goal ohh it hits the bar and falls to Milovanocic Goaaaaaaal !!
    Pundit1- Bratislav FC 0-2 FC Ortiga
    Pundit2- What an effort from Hendriks that will go all over the internet.

    34 mins Markovic is being subbed even his manager is shaking his head at his performance some scout player here.

    34 mins Vessllnovic is one on one with the keeper this is his specialty ohh he passes .... Gooooal Babic
    Pundit1 - Bratislav FC 1-2 FC Ortiga

    44 mins Mracina is going off injured
    Pundit2 - Must be his crushed nuts eh !

    Pundit1 - 53 mins Simovski notices the referee has dropped his cards and gives the ref a yellow ohhh the referee gives him a yellow come on ref it was a joke...

    73 mins Stankovic is telling the bench he wants to come off
    Pundit2 - Pahh two levels higher skill level and playing with a rating of 4 no wonder he wants off

    83 mins Gooooooal ! Hendriks out of the blue what a strike
    Pundit2 - 83 mins yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh fkin beauty get in there im off to sunny spain
    Pundit1 - Where are you going ?
    Pundit2 - To the bookies to collect my winnings
    Pundit1 - But you play for thepeoples team your not allowed to gamble on matches in your league ?
    Pundit2 - Shhhh dont tell anyone and ill give u 50 tokens.

    Final score Bratislav FC 1-3 FC Ortiga
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    Congratulations buddy, loved your submission!
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    congrats anthony !!!!!! loved this comp !!!!!!!!! please do it again sometime !!!!!!!!!

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    congrats mate quite good . NOW im not trying to be rude BUT many of you had time to review the entries and had fun thats great , again ,BUT you dont have time to read our complains like market transfers , game engine and much more wich is more important in my point of view. So my request to all of you at nordeus atleast please respond to our demand and explain yourself , just that. I'm not trying to be rude , i just dont understand what happened to t11. best regards to you all.

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    Many thanks i did not expect to win

    Another great season and this to top it all off

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    Well done nice com!
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    youll be getting some fun competition next round though ;P
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    Congrats anthony...... This competion was fun, hope to have a few more in some time from now, next time u all will not even be able to breathe after reading my post..... U will laugh whole day

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    who the .... is kangaroo now ?

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