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Thread: Season 42

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer_X View Post
    I'd say either someone PTed him and gave him the SA or he is a nordeus gen
    are you sure that we can get Nordeus gen with SA ...
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    And of course, today we "win" (despite if playing with the 3* players and a couple of players out of position)...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamer_X View Post
    Amazing player bought for only 2 tokens:

    I gave him that name because Serbian forum moderator (nsretkovic) plays DMC in real life
    I also have Miodrag Kovacevic (MDKII)!!!
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    Royal Rumble Cup Results - AEPRE FC 1-1 taksim sk
    AEPRE FC could have hold taksim sk on as they managed to pick up a 1-1 draw aganist taksim sk. Great effort from Eden Hazard but they were not enough. AEPRE FC is 1-0 down after Sevket Cakmak puts the ball into the back of the net from Eden Hazard's mistake. But in the 74', Dale Andersson suffers a light injury which results in him out for 2 days, but that's worth it because Didier Drogba scores a wonderful free-kick for an equalizer. In the 89', AEPRE FC starts to worry about them losing because Eden Hazard gives away the free kick, but thanks to magnificient save by Petr Cech that holds the team at 1-1 down by away goal rule.

    AEPRE FC 38.8, start 4-1-2-1-2 wide diamond, 77' 4-3W-1-2
    taksim sk 41.0, start 3N-2DML/DMR-3-2

    Sevket Cukmuk 16' (Adrian Hidalgo) Didier Drogba 74'
    Injuries & Suspensions
    Calvin Karami 42' Sevket Cukmuk 74' Dale Andersson 74' INJURY
    Manager Points
    Eden Hazard-14 (+1)
    Didier Drogba-12 (+2)
    Florent Malouda-6 (POTW)
    Ivor Hardy-5
    July Fourth-4
    Miodrag Kovacevic-3
    Petr Cech-3 (+3)
    Frank Lampard-2
    Gareth Bale-1
    Andre Schurrle-1



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    Season 42-lopes-report.jpg


    Lopes FC 3-6 Reddeviljohn

    Lopes FC 78.9 4-4-2 - Reddeviljohn 84.0 3N-5-2 then 58mins 3N-1-3W-1-2

    The first goal arrives on 18mins when Summers cross is headed in by Moreau, on 23mins Summers crosses for Djioev to head home, Just on the stroke of half time Summers corner is headed in by Zouma, on 52mins Hervias is replaced by Tihamer, on 57mins Summers corner is headed in by Djioev, on 58mins Burbur replaces Crouchlow, on 69mins Tihamer is booked and from the resulting free kick Rojas scores and pulls one back, on 74mins Moreau's square ball puts Di Gennero in to score, on 76mins Vermeire pulls another back and on 78mins Patino gets another one back, and on 87mins Tihamer completes the scoring.

    Goals: Moreau (18), Djioev (23), (57), Zouma (45), Di Gennero (74), Tihamer (87) MOTM: Summers

    Team Talk: What a crazy game that was, we were in complete control at 0-4 and then they staged a fight back but we just had a bit too much quality for them.
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    A comfortable win against our previous League Lv4 prime rival Massimo FC made it 10 straight wins for us.
    Now we will sit and enjoy the match between #2 and #3, a draw will benefits us the most but a win from #3 will be just as good

    Massimo FC were doing extremely well last season, our club were pretty much leading on GD basis only, until round 20 where we won an important match against them which subsequently demoralized their players. They ended up winning only 1 of the last 6 games and saw #3 (who was our League Lv3 main rival) took their second spot. This season, they weren't active in the market and this is reflected in their position.

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    July Fourth 2-0 mikeyboy city

    July Fourth 124.7 3N-6-1 V - mikeyboy city 112.2 3N-1-4-2

    I don't understand it... I logged into the the game and watched the first 6 minutes of the game and then left the game to play without making any substitutions whatsoever and that resulted and a loss of a green pack ofc... Our goals came midway through the second half... Watson from distance and O'Sullivan passing to Hardy to make it 2-0 2 minutes after the first goal.

    Goals: Watson (67) Hardy (69) MOTM: Watson.

    Team Talk: Well I'm pleased with the win because at HT as normal, I could of made tactical changes that may well of prevented us for scoring these 2 goals and we could of drew or even lost this game... so I'm quite happy. We are 1 point ahead of NAMO UNITED who drew their game last night but they won 1-0 this morning against our sister team erster FC Puma.
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    Day 12.League round 10.

    Result: FC Barcelona-Houston KFC 1:2

    Goals: 0-1 Cimen(Briones) 57min,0-2 Szigeti 63min, 1-2 Villa 71min.

    M.o.M: J ST Louis(Houston KFC)

    Season 42-greenshot_2013-07-11_16-36-25.jpg

    every winning streak ends sometime...Our rival did not watch this match but was the better team the whole game and he deserved to win.We had some good opportunities in this game but we weren't able to turn them in to goals and the first defeat of the season became a reality.

    LEAGUE TABLE after 9 matches:

    Season 42-greenshot_2013-07-11_16-36-43.jpg

    CUP 1/16 first leg:

    FC Barcelona - mr.AFCA1900 5-0

    Goals: 1-0 Villa 16min,2-0 Xavi 40min,3-0 Sanchez 51min,4-0 Sanchez(Villa) 76min,5-0 Fabregas(Messi) 82min.

    Season 42-greenshot_2013-07-11_16-34-24.jpg

    Our players have responded well to our defeat in the league few hours earlier and they were able to beat our Cup rival very easily.Game without a history and our rivals did not threaten us even for a moment.We dominated the match from start to finish.This result gives us the opportunity to rest our best players and play our second team in the 2 leg.

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    Good game in league but it would be much better if our penalty kick specialist scored from penalty

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    10/7 (cl) CoolioFC 3-0 Edoo FC(40.7).. Penasa, Barlet, Sameer
    10/7 (lg) shakanpa fc(30.4) 0-3 CoolioFC.. Bolt, Barlet, Garlisi
    11/7 (cp) CoolioFC 3-0 RAC Boussu Bois(35.2).. Sameer, Barlet, Tongchai
    11/7 (lg) CoolioFC 6-0 FC Crgon(33.3).. Sameer(x2), Barlet, Metgod, Penasa, Midgley

    10 wins from 10 in the league, qualification from the champions leagues, sorted. last 16 of the cup. 4 games, another 4 wins! and 8 consecutive clean sheets! my progress in the cup may not go any further after this round as im set to be drawn against the favourites who have an average quality of over 46! but its fine, its been a great season so far. and plenty of cash generated.
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