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Thread: Season 42

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    July Fourth 0-0 Ersin FC

    July Fourth win 4-0 on aggregrate
    July Fourth 4-3W-1-2 then 2nd half 4-3W-3 - Ersin FC 116.3 4-3N-3

    Ersin completely dominated this game from start to finish, with their strikers Vigilato and Sacco getting all the chances on goal but just didn't know how to finish it past a weaker July Fourth defence/team that seen Vestergaard and Fartmann play OOP for the most of the game, Papaleo is rubbish this day in age, only 5*119 now and isn't that good enough to breakdown on chances to beat the Ersin defence and also our reserve GK Fartmann nearly scored for us while playing OOP.

    Goals: None. MOTM: Nouga.

    Team Talk: I wasn't too concerned about this game, but I have 5 players injured and a player suspended for this match so a played a 2 unusual formations for us and played 2 players OOP in the game because I was rotating my squad.
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    League, round 15

    FC TT 0-6 Perfect Tactics

    FC TT: 49.4, defensive 3N-3W-2W-2 | Perfect Tactics: 65.8, 4-2-2-2 hexagon/4-2-2-2 narrow/4-2N-1-3/4-5-1v/butterfly

    This was a frustrating match against a much weaker team, especially in the first half. An early goal from Nascimento looked to be the fuel in a high scoring half but it wasn't the case. Our formation couldn't break theirs down and we needed to do something. Switching to the 4-2-2-2 narrow didn't work and neither did a 4-2N-1-3. Those were the 2 formations I could change into during the match without any substitutions. In the 2nd half we changed to the 4-5-1v and it worked a treat, Silly with a long range strike to make it 0-2. Soon it was 0-3 and then 0-4 with goals from Shlimazl from a 1 v 1 position and Silly again from a corner kick. Then we switched to the butterfly and we scored a few more goals, Poncet going for goal and Petersen from a free kick giving us the score we needed.

    Goals: Nascimento (4'), Silly (53', 68'), Shlimazl (60'), Poncet (75'), Petersen (78')
    MOTM: Petersen
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    Cup 3rd place (1) - Level 12
    Champions League Winners (10) - Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    Champions League Runners up(1) - Level 9

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    Day 16/17.

    LEAGUE: Round 14. LONDON CITY (84.7) v STANDARD FC (84.7)

    Result: LONDON 0-0 STANDARD
    M.o.M: Jaime Suarez (Standard)

    Not a lot can be said about this bore-draw, between two teams with exactly identical quality ratings. Neither side really troubled the opposing 'keeper and goalscoring chances were at a minimum. An ACL tear forced star midfielder, Emilio Santos, to leave the field after 26 minutes and he will be missing now for 5 days.

    CITY: Miklosko, Jones, Haller, Watts, Rabus, Andersson, Santos (Duggan), Simpson, Daniels, Yashin, Dixon.

    LEAGUE: Round 15. SHILENO FC (81.2) v LONDON CITY (84.8)

    Result: SHILENO 1-5 LONDON
    Goals: Dixon 15, Andersson 19, Kokkinakis 45, Dixon 51, Dixon 73, Robins 87
    M.o.M: Wayne Dixon

    Wayne Dixon led our team to our best result of the season in this comfortable victory in Chile. With both the top two teams losing today, this couldn't have come at a better time for us. Dixon got us off to a good start, after accepting a through ball from skipper Terry Duggan, and sliding it past the keeper. Four minutes later, Stig Andersson doubled our lead when he blasted a free kick home. Nikos Kokkinakis pulled one back just as the referee was about to blow for the interval. Six minutes into the restart, Dixon made space for himself and scored with ease to restore our two goal margin. Dixon completed his hat-trick on the 73rd minute mark, and substitute Percy Robins finished the scoring with a late goal, to wrap up the three points. Reserve striker, Oleg Yashin sustained an ankle injury just after the hour, which sidelines him for 3 days.

    CITY: Miklosko, Jones, Fiksdal, Whyte, Watts, Andersson, Duggan, Simpson, Daniels, Yashin (Robins), Dixon.

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    Season 42-imam2-report.jpg

    Champions League Top 16, Leg 2

    Reddeviljohn 5-1 Imam

    Reddeviljohn 85.0 4-3N-2-1 then 77mins 4-2-2-1-1 - Imam 76.5 4-1-3N-2

    The reserves were out for the return leg and the first goal arrives after 10mins when Velazquez half volleys into the net and a minute later on 11mins he shoots from 30 meters and makes it 2-0, on 31mins Etienne picks up an injury and has to come off and is replaced by Lendl, on 34mins Velazquez shoots from distance and gets his hatrick, on 39mins Crutchlow scores direct from a free kick, so the home side are 4 up at half time. on 67mins Tihamer is booked for a foul and Holt handles in the box and is also booked and a penalty is given and Motyka scores to make it 4-1, on 77mins Burbur replaces Holt, on 87mins Velazquez with a crashing drive completes the rout.

    Goals: Velazquez (10), (11), (34), (87), Crutchlow (39) MOTM: Velazquez

    Team Talk: What a performance from the reserves but a shame Etienne has picked up an injury.
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    A struggled 0-3 away against one of the weakest 4 teams in the league saw us dominating (72% possession, 17 shoots/ 9 vs 4 shoots/ one) yet not being able to close it in the first half. We sit alone at the top now 8 points clear with tonight's draw between the 2nd and 3rd place.

    Champion's League:

    An early morning kick-off saw us repeating the good first leg's performance finishing it home 4-0. New Team advances against one of the strongest "lesser teams" on 8-1 aggregate. On the lower side one of the two top oppositors couldn't manage to turn the tables and is now out (Q53). The other one (Q56) easily passed the turn against the weakest of the last 16. We will face in the quarters another one of the "lesser team" with highest Quality on chart (47.7) in an all out italian derby.

    Royal Rumble Cup

    Our opponents of Koln All Stars placed the kick off at 9.30 am.We will do anything possible to attend it counting on the astounding 4-2 we earned home in the first leg. Koln has further improved his team despite reducing his quality: he took both the youth academy from his facility yet keeping an avg of 62. The true avg on pitch will be somewhat around 64-66 against our 58.5; we hope in a new miracle from our boys :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoWilson View Post
    Must be one of the worst CL draw ever. And btw, this must be the 3rd or 4th time/out of 4 times I was drew into group G
    Yup, the worst CL draw so far!! Cruel joke on MU & GN FC, having to so early in CL

    Clubs development:
    Agus 33>35.9 (+2.9 quality)
    NoName 26>35.3 (+9.3)
    MU 37.5>39.5 (+2)
    Me 36.9>39.5 (+2.6)

    Tekino 27.8>33.6 (+5.8)
    YMCM 25.6>26.2 (+0.6)
    Indignados 33.4>35.9 (+2.5)
    Black Three 32.3>34.4 (+2.1)

    Kudos to our group 2nd Black Three FC for eliminating Bu Beer United (40.1)

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    Does anyone know how to counter this formation? (4-2MC-1AMC-3)
    It is a better team than mine, even though I've won the 1st leg match 4-1.
    Should I play with a defensive formation? My favourite formation is 4-5-1 V. Will it work perfectly against this formation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iL FaLCoNe View Post
    Does anyone know how to counter this formation? (4-2MC-1AMC-3)
    It is a better team than mine, even though I've won the 1st leg match 4-1.
    Should I play with a defensive formation? My favourite formation is 4-5-1 V. Will it work perfectly against this formation?
    5-1DMC-3MC-1 hard defending or defensive/mixed/own half/normal/short/zonal/no FCA/no OT if you want to play a really defensive game or minimise a loss. If you want to play with counter attack to score a goal or 2 to be safer, red arrow on either DLDR or 3MC

    4-5-1V/4-1-4-1 could work too. Defensive/mixed/own half/normal/mixed/zonal/FCA ?

    Just what i would do

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    How to beat this formation ...

    I want use 4-4-2ND through middle this okay to use ?

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    You won the treble last season, I assume you dont need to worry about teams with a 1* player in their rooster and an average quality of 4*?
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