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Thread: Season 42

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    Breaking News: the Troll is back upon us, 24 hrs from the Cup's second leg.


    We set up our reserve team for the occasion since for the 5th time in the season we had a double away matchup with just 2 hrs between matches. Against the second best team in terms of quality after us, we obtained a struggled victory by 1-2. Truth to be told, we didn't have many problems into defending but scoring was hard, against the usual 5-1-2-1-1 which usually bores us. We went 0-2 and took the goal at minute 88'. But the fact that we struggled it was already a bad sensation for the upcoming match.

    Champion's League

    FC Nantes [Q 51.3 - 3W-1-4-1-1] 2 - 4 New Team [Q 59 - 3W-1-3W-1-2]

    Don't het fooled by the result: this was the classic match where Engine decides to troll heavily and whatever you do or struggle to try out doesn't have minimal impact on the match, and when it does, engine kills it preemptively.

    Let's be honest: we HATE any formation with a 1-1 in the attacking side. We freakin hate it cause whenever we tried it out we ALWAIS got heavily pressured, but whenever we FACE it it plays like with 4 STs down there. Basically, we opted for the wide dandelion since we "thought" that even having one less midfielder on pitch wouldn't matter much, as our 3W defense + dmc should have taken care same time of the lone ST, their AMC, and even the two wingers. Also, he was having just a 3W+dmc aswell so we were sure a 8* AMC + two strikers would basically own him. That was true only partially. Since the start until half of first half we were HEAVILY pressured, at a point that at minute 26' we were already being forced to take out Hutton for Altun (MC), move Stark as ST, refine the defense on a 3N and designing a 3-1-4-2 that "should obviously" get ahold of the midfield. NO FKIN WAY. Ofc, our opponent was lacking in defense hence despite being pressured we went ahead thanks to Hutton, assisted by Wayne before leaving the field, and doubling it 2 minutes after the sub with Wayne alone.

    In the second half we got out Blaze (DMC) for Aloui (ML) at minute 50' moving up to 3-5-2 flat. Finally, at minute 53' the game was at our hands with a rejoiced pressure and possession, as we scored the 0-3 with Kent from a series of free kicks earned due to a huge pressure over their half. Then the troll arrived. At minute 54, we had 5 STRAIGHT LATE ENTRANCES against us, the last one (54') taking out Wayne. Having no more STs to field, we were forced to change the working formation into a 4-5-1 flat (FLanagan in). Course, the late entrances stopped the moment Wayne got injured. But Troll wasn't satisfied. And so, after those fouls, we had (I'M NOT KIDDING) 5 CONSECUTIVE DOUBLE CORNERS which brought during the last one to the 1-3 (73'). Here we thought it was fine since 3 minutes later we scored the 1-4 with Becker. But again, Troll decided to...well, troll: minute 90, a long range shoot from midfield gives them the 2-4.

    We dodged a HUGE bullet here, and we think to be almost safely into the final. On the other side, our main opponents got their troll aswell managing to draw only at minute 89' against an incredibly weaker team (Q56.5 VS Q47.7); an eye for an eye then. All of New Team's players got rated 7,8,9, to add further troll.
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    Cosenza, Italy

    as we have already said earlier in the season

    What are your ambitions?

    I hope to win a "Double" ( League/CL). We would like to win the league, but the priority is to win for the fifth consecutive time the Champions League. It is impossible for us to point to the treble this season, We play in the cup without any draft victory!
    the priority is to win for the fifth consecutive time the Champions League, so what counts for us is to win the champions league.

    after this victory can be said to be very close to playing in the final of the Champions League

    we are first in the league, with 8 points ahead to PERSINET FC.Tomorrow we play on our field against PERSINET FC, if we win this game we go 11 points ahead when there are only 12 points available. Our big rivals Ad Guaranum2011, a scout buyer that reinforces his team with scouts every season that in last season drew twice with us won all the other matches played and he win the league, is the third in the standings and certainly not win the league

    in the cup we were eliminated
    Italian Team, Season 18, Level 18

    5 Time Treble Winners
    (Season 3,12,14,15,17)

    16 League Titles
    Season 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17
    11 Champions League Titles
    Season 2,3,4,5,6,7,10,12,14,15,17
    8 Cup Titles
    Season 1,3,9,11,12,14,15,17

    my team showcase, here: TRIPLETE FC (Italian Team)

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    Season 42-patxi-report.jpg


    Patxi FC 0-5 United Til I Die

    Patxi FC 67.9 3N-3W-3N-1 United Til I Die 86.2 4-4-2

    The Champions decided to protect their flanks against their opponents ultra defensive formation as the manager remembers a difficult 1st match and he got his tactics spot on, The returning Nahum scored two first half goals, along with contributions by Di Gennero and Crutchlow to overwhelm the home side 0-4 at half time, Nahum completed his hatrick ten minutes into the second half, although the home side did have a good go late on but could not break down the champions back line.

    Goals: Nahum (8), (29), (54), Di Gennero (21), Crutchlow (43) MOTM: Summers

    Team Talk: Well, not much of a match to report as a totally one sided match and we now have our 22nd straight victory
    F.C. United
    League Won 11
    League Runner up 4
    Cup Won 3
    Cup Finalist 3
    Champions League Won 5
    Champions League Finalist 9

    Season 23 Level 23

    United Til I Die
    League Won 12
    League Runner Up 4
    Champions League Won 2
    Champions League Finalist 7
    Cups Won 1
    Cup Finalist 2

    Season 32 Level 27 (Retired)

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    I have an away game in the Cup Semi Finals against a clearly stronger team. First leg ended 2-2.
    Will be playing my reserves in the League match 5 hours before that, since I am in 13th place tanking the season.

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    better post some results..

    18/7 (lg) TikTak(37.5) 1-2 CoolioFC.. Zganiacz, Midgley
    18/7 (cl) Shani FC(40.1) 1-3 CoolioFC.. Sameer(x2), Bolt
    19/7 (lg) CoolioFC 2-0 fc doktori(37.2).. Karyawan, Bolt
    20/7 (cl) CoolioFC 2-3 Shani FC(40.1).. Tongchai, Barlet
    20/7 (lg) Vasillis FC(37.3) 0-5 CoolioFC.. Sameer, Penasa, Savva, Maniatis, Barlet
    21/7 (cp) CoolioFC 4-0 Pancha Delima FC(37.2).. Barlet, Bolt, Penasa, Sameer
    21/7 (lg) CoolioFC 7-0 The Untouchables(33.4).. Midgley, Sameer(x2), Tonchai, Zganiacz(x3)
    22/7 (cl) CoolioFC 1-3 SagittariusFC (45.5).. Barlet
    22/7 (lg) KAYSERISPOR(43.3) 2-0 CoolioFC

    alot of results there. pretty much guarenteed to make my first cup competition final, in the cup. and im favourites to win the final, whoever my opponent is. no chance though really against a more experienced opponent... and his friends, in europe. the gap at the top of the league is down to 3 points, but i have 5 winnable games and a better goal difference, so i should have the title wrapped up
    CoolioFC - Lvl 13, season 13.
    Squad ave: 75.5
    League Championships: 5 (1,3,6,7,8)
    Champions League:
    Cup: 1

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    Reached the cup final quite easy today ( 4:2 , 4:1)
    and can make it into the cl final tomorrow after a 3:0 win at home yesterday.
    8 points clear in the league with only 4 games to go.
    Hope i can make the treble this season. It has to be this season.
    Hardest one will be the championsleague final if i reach it with the hardest opponent in the whole season...

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    Result Just In...

    FINALLY!!! NAMO UNITED Have made a mistake!

    NAMO UNITED 0-0 Sadadjang FC

    And they were lucky again to get the 0-0... BUT We will take that and if we win today we move 4 points clear.

    Current Title Odds: July Fourth 1/25, NAMO UNITED 11/1.
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    *Retired From Top Eleven*

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    Thank you mr injury :/

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    Cup half final second leg will be more interesting then our league game. We won the first leg with 1:2 so hopefully we could reach the final today.

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    25 minutes before the match of the season starts.

    Will the gone-crazy token buyer make use of the latest 150 dollars tossed away yesterday and beat the crap out of us?

    Will New Team and its focused financial development show him again how to play the game?

    Will we get a penalty, a red card and an injury in the first 5 minutes like last year's semifinal against William Asset?

    All the odds are against us. 10Q difference or even more between our players, playing the match away, having conceided an away goal in the first leg.
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