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Thread: Season 44

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    Quote Originally Posted by HateMeNow View Post
    I undertand pting him after 21t spent on the purchase but why special ability him? Even in the best occurrence it costed no less than 50 greens to PT that on him which would have been better invested into PTing a second player or buying a better player than the 3* you have there. On top SS isnt the most useful ability either like def wall or aerial def would be.
    Well, I don't have any other players that are worth wasting greens on. He's a player that trains very fast so I decided to just get him a special ability, didn't cost me any tokens and I figured that I will need an AMC that scores many goals since my striker next season will be 3 stars only and pretty useless. I couldn't afford to buy any different players because I don't have any money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    I think I would keep your best major players in your team and sell off everything off if your planning to lower your average for next seasons cup draw. It's a lot of tokens worth of players to boot. Anything 6* or lower next season can easily be replaced.

    are increasingly disappointed in only 3 minutes is all failed! I not make the perfect season 26 0 0, and I not make the record of least goals conceded (3)

    this was our worst season !!!

    I'm thinking of starting with a new project, I'm thinking of keeping in team only the few best players and sell many other players.

    tomorrow I decide what to do
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    Still looking for the dislike button, to be *that* close, you have my sympathy.

    Oh yeah! The CL Final!
    (I chose for it to be @ the San Jose Earthquakes beautiful new park): Season 44-quakestadion.jpg

    I shall be facing:

    Season 44-1.jpg
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    League Match - 25

    (44.9) FCB 4 - 1 Kencono Ungu (32.6)

    4-1-3-2 | 4-4-2 ND

    Pavan (1')
    Wagner (51')
    Wibowo (70')
    Carrillo (79')

    MOTM: Rydning

    Match Report:
    Easy win

    Team Talk: Only one match to go for perfect season 26-0-0.
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    Playing form 2013

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    FC Dreamhunter - Omaris FC 4-0

    An unexpected win for our side brought the final game. Omaris FC was packed with 7* and 8* Players while our side primarly had players with 5* and 6*. The other manager was not present - which obviously helped. The game did not start very well as after 13 minutes my left defender got injured - so I had to substitute him with a player who does not know this position. Anyway, it seems that we found the perfect tactics to beat him. We were ahead 1-0 by halftime and 2-0 in minute 79. In the last ten minutes the squad scored another two goals and finally gave our team the first Trophy ever!!!

    Two hours later the second squad was also successful and secured the League-title - but on this day it was just the icing on the cake!

    Carl FC - FC Sakura 1-1P

    This was a tough one. Our opponent played the nasty 4-4-2. The quality of both sides was equal and in minute 32 Sakura was down 0-1. At halftime we brought two fresh players in the midfield which gave us a bit more possession and Radenkovic equalized. It was his sixth goal in the three games since he joined Sakura. This was a really great transfer!!! After 90 minutes I substituted a defender and Sakura still dominated in the extra time but failed to score. So it came down to penalties and there our goalkeeper was superb so that in the end we won 4-3! The cup-win was also the first trophy for this team who already had secured the win in the league before.

    Berkshire Utd had an easy 11-1 victory and is only 2 games away from a perfect 26-0-0 season!

    So - a wonderful day and I am happy that at least two days I don't need to focus too much on strategies etc.
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    My first Cup victory after 8 Lvs.!

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    2 CL Finals in less thatn 6 hours!
    I'm very happy about it, but I'm playing against some never-faced-before formations...

    What you recommend against 3-5-2V?
    I was thinking 4-3-3 as It works great against 4-5-1V and heard that it does the job against 'V' formations but haven't faced 3-5-2V before!

    What you recommend against 4-1-2-1-2 Wide Diamond?
    Here I was planing 4-5-1V // 3-5-2V?

    Thanks for your help.

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    After yesterdays Cup Win at Wembley Stadium its now the Champions league Final tonight in Singapore. We are 2nd in the league.

    Season 44-teams-cl-5.jpg

    Season 44-cup-trophy.jpg

    PS Good luck to all in finals tonight, well nearly everyone lol.
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    Cup Winners Season 5 (Wembley Stadium)
    Champions league Winners season 5 (Float Marina Singapore)(Cup Double)
    Champions league Winners season 4 (Joy at The Nou Camp )(League and CL Double)
    Champions League Finalist season 2 (The Amsterdam Arena Spud Gun/Helmet Cheese Penalty fiasco )

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    Today's CL final will be the toughest game so far. The opponent has our same Q sitting on 55, with the problem that is main team comes whole from Mr. Scout, hence they are all players bought on 6* ranging from Q 54 to Q 59 with SAs. Couple of them are 7* or nearly that. On chart then they are stronger than us and use ND. We'll try break them to achieve a storic Triple
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    with one more game left to go, my team stay undefeated in the League for two season in the rows. CL final match will be up against team with formation 4 3 3.Well 4 5 1 V vs 4 3 3.....My team are not a counter formation purely relying on one formation only. Which bring the total of only one lost in the CL Semi Final First Around. Cup Competition....i must luck at all...
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