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Thread: Season 44

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    Well season is over and we are third. Main goal was to qualifie to CL so we did that

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    July Fourth, my guess is Pietropaolo...
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    Narrow victory 1-0 againts XxNguyenxX and it is enough to win a League and get me Double this season ...

    Season 44-won.jpg

    Season 44-league-champ.jpg
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    Pattani drew, but i lost against the team in 2nd...4-2. i'm not in the cl for 1 point

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    New Team's final table, and with a 29 pts gap should be a new forum record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HateMeNow View Post
    New Team's final table, and with a 29 pts gap should be a new forum record.
    Wow! Congraz
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    Quote Originally Posted by HateMeNow View Post
    New Team's final table, and with a 29 pts gap should be a new forum record.
    here's the whole table ... 29 pts is the new forum record ... I think it is not easy to break this 29 pts record I can say it is impossible as have to get 30 pts difference ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FCB3 View Post
    here's the whole table ... 29 pts is the new forum record ... I think it is not easy to break this 29 pts record I can say it is impossible as have to get 30 pts difference ...

    If I got a perfect season in the league this season instead of 23-3-0 I would of won the league by 32 points.

    But New Team has the new record of biggest winning margin at 29 points.
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    Well Folks, It's that time again...

    July Fourth Season Review

    July Fourth Season Summary (Game Season 44, My Season 22, My Level 22)

    Final Position 1st Played 26 Won 23 Drawn 3 Lost 0 GF 88 GA 12 GD +76 PTS 72
    Although the stats show we were unbeaten in the league, I will declare this league season in fact a disappointing campaign from July Fourth, There was 3 games drawn this season, An early draw against Adanaspor which ended our League winning streak at 34 from the previous seasons 26-0-0, There was also draws with BESIKTAS and La Tapa Javinma, but we also had a series of wins in the league that were unimpressive and this lead to us being well short of the 100 goal mark this season. But we cannot complain about being unbeaten again and winning the league title.

    Champions League
    Final Position Winner Played 13 Won 12 Drawn 1 Lost 0 GF 47 GA 4 GD +41
    We had the aim of winning the CL with a 13-0-0 record since we had not had achieved a 13-0-0 CL for quite sometime now and we failed in the group stage with a surprise 1-1 draw against the phone, but we put in some great displays in the knockout stages and were in never in any real doubt that they were going to be beaten, They were fine wins over Lonchas,Batigo United,Kocaspor46 and Milk FC in the final.

    Final Position KO in Last 16 Played 8 Won 6 Drawn 0 Lost 2 GF 18 GA 7 GD +11
    July Fourth enjoyed a good campaign in the cup in what has to be said when playing against the best teams in the server, There were fine wins over Hetman Zamosc and Fontanellese before beating El Capo on penalties to reach the last 16 draw but thats as far as it got after July Fourth were tactically outdone from Klein Chicago. FC.KOYTALA are the new server champion after beating TeamSystem COBRA 1-0 in the final.

    Total Games in all 3 competitions: Played 47 Won 41 Drawn 4 Lost 2 GF 153 GA 23 GD +130
    Not the best of campaigns I believe performance wise in the league but statistically it was sound, our best performances came in the CL and the early stages of the Cup. When you think about it, it was another fine season by us overall.

    45 - Aaron Ramirez
    43 - Sam Beckett, Randy Knight
    42 - Chano Petersen, Stacey Papaleo, Danny watson, Al Calavicci
    40 - Alessio Pietropaolo, Jet Hogan
    35 - Ryogo Kusama
    33 - Miku, Angel Miku-Zidane
    31 - Ivor Hardy
    18 - Twenty Regal

    26 - Alessio Pietropaolo
    22 - Stacey Papaleo
    20 - Chano Petersen
    16 - Sam Beckett
    15 - Miku, Danny Watson
    10 - Michu, Ryogo Kusama
    8 - Angel Miku-Zidane

    21 - Chano Petersen
    11 - Stacey Papaleo
    7 - Sam Beckett
    6 - Michu
    5 - Alessio Pietropaolo, Ryogo Kusama, Danny Watson

    Man of The Match
    7 - Alessio Pietropaolo
    5 - Sam Beckett, Danny Watson
    4 - Chano Petersen, Stacey Papaleo
    3 - Michu, Miku, Aaron Ramirez, Jet Hogan

    Performance of the Season
    July Fourth 5-0 Batigo United (Champions League, Quarter-Final, 2nd Leg)
    Going into the game with a slender 2-1 advantage from the 1st leg, July Fourth not only produced their best performance of the season but one of the greatest performances of all time. July Fourth with Pietropaolo being in 'Beast Mode' helped battered their rivals in the first half with scoring 4 goals and added a 5th in the second half to beat a very strong Batigo United well.

    Disappointment of the Season
    July Fourth 1-3 Chicago Klein (Cup Last 16, 1st Leg)
    We were slight favourites to progress to the quarter-finals of the cup, but this game didn't go to plan, we were leading 1-0 but Chicago Klein came roaring back to equalise before HT, then with only 10 mins left Chicago Klein switched to the ND and scored 2 late goals, We did win the 2nd leg 1-0 away but it wasn't enough.

    July Fourth Players Review and Player Of The Season
    We were happy with the performances of all our players, Knight was as usual solid in goal, Hogan and Ramirez controlled the defence and flanks well with Regal having a decent debut season for is, Hardy was average but wasn't brilliant. Beckett and Watson had a good season in midfield scoring plenty of goals as well as Miku and Kusama finding late form to finish the season well, Miku-Zidane was decent but not exactly amazing, Michu had a spectacular season scoring 10 as a reserve, Papaleo was very efficient infront of goal as usual, There was one player that did however give a lot of bad ratings when played and that was reserve GK Mcfly he will be sold alongside declining players like Diamond,Childs and Malik. Michu will be replaced too if the right player is available.

    I really like Al Calavicci as a defender and he was again sharp and brilliant and never makes many mistakes and still wins vital tackles and headers however I feel he wasn't as amazing as last season that won him POTS and there was 2 players that were better than him I feel this season.

    The July Fourth like for like Product of Perfect Tactics' Chano Petersen is living upto his name at the highest levels and he has improved on this last seasons tallys in both goals and assists and this is the reason why we have him in the team, I have a feeling that he will only get better as he gains more experience since he is still young.


    Alessio Pietropaolo

    I feel that Pietropaolo was just simply a awesome player especially in the first 3 weeks of this season where he just seemed to have a beast mode and there were games where he was just destroying defences without even trying and was scoring braces and hatricks, Although he lost a bit of form late on, He certainly setup July Fourth onto winning more silverware this season and I feel that this time Pietropaolo finally wins POTS after being richly rewarded for hard work for July Fourth.

    Off The Pitch Performance
    Cash wise July Fourth are still sound and they can afford to spend $600M on win bonuses this season without breaking too much into a sweat, However playing 118 friendlies at over $3M a game for ticket sales and merchandise over the season added to the income.

    July Fourth ended the season with a fan base of 6,242,354.

    Board Meeting
    We are going to inject more T for next season and we will have another 2200T for some new signings and power training.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    July Fourth, my guess is Pietropaolo...
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