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Thread: Season 36

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    Nov 2012
    Out of green boosters :-s so I was forced to change league game, I would play before midnight :-s
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    League, round 19 - Perfect Tactics 3-0 Mizo FC

    The win puts us 16 points clear of 2nd place. It was a frustrating game, Mizo played a 5-3-2 formation and it was just defending the whole match. After a goalless first half, we took the lead in the 2nd half when Bogdany headed in a Petersen corner. It was then 2-0 when Suarez squared for Ekholm for a tap in. Then Yedek shot from long range to make it 3-0.

    Goals: Bogdany (55'), Ekholm (78'), Yedek (82')
    MOTM: Petersen (1 assist)

    Season 15 - Level 15

    League Winners (14) - Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    26-0-0 league (4) - Levels 3, 4, 7 & 8
    Undefeated in league (11) - Levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14
    Cup winners (2) - Level 1 & 14
    Cup 3rd place (1) - Level 12
    Champions League Winners (10) - Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
    Champions League Runners up(1) - Level 9

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    Extended my winning streak in league to 9 games but I'll have some tough challengers in the coming days. Hopefully I can squezze out enough wins to finish 1st place but competition is tight. Since my aim at the start of the season was to qualify in Champions league, my team is doing remarkably well, especially against stronger teams.
    Speaking of which, 2nd leg of CL is being played at home today after I drew 2-2 away, hopefully I can withstand opponent's pressure and counter him succesfully to reserve my place in semis. The only thing that bothers me is that 3/4 of my team has yellow cards, meaning some might get suspended for semis, which is not good thing at all given the fact that I'm still working on improving my subs.

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    No real surprises for the second leg of the CL 1/4 final at 17.10 today, the opposition start with the formation they finished the earlier game off with.
    carsi23 FC have been busy in the transfer market since their 0-1 defeat to Ravers two days ago, strengthening their attack and MF with the signing of two 4* 37 players going straight into the starting 11.
    There set to play 4-3-2AMC's-1 (christmas tree) Ravers will be looking to defend their slender league with a similar formation to the away leg but starting with an extra AMC in place of a MC, looking for a few more goals, we will be lining up 3N-3-1-2-1. (for now that is)
    Quality of the starting 11's Ravers (48.6) carsi23 (36).
    Level 1,2,3,4,5,6 League winners

    Level 1,2,3,5 CL Winners

    Level 4 CL runner up.

    Level 2,3,4 Cup winners

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    3-0 against #2
    In an hour CL match, will be an easy win (most likely)
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    I'm out of the CL: Lodra FC scored at the last minute to Won 1-0 at home today (3-1 on Aggregate)

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    Manchester, England
    Won my league round 19 game today 6-0 to go six points clear of second place. Still unbeaten in the league so far this season.

    Got my second leg in the Champions League in 3 and a half hours, really nervous about it as I am 3-2 down from the first leg and I've never gotten past the quarter finals!

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    Julio Quatro 4-0 Softex FC League Round 19

    Its always the same 3 players that score the goals!, With a couple of defenders in the opposition with the defensive wall SA in their defence, we knew it would take time for us to score a goal, as expected we started out well, Zidane had a shot wide and P.McNamara was blocked on sight on goal before Zidane left the defence for dead and played a marvelous cut-back to Papaleo for our 1-0 HT lead, Kevin Mensah scored a free-kick again and Papaleo was on target again from a header off a L.McNamara cross, Zidane was next to score as he was able to keep his cool when faced with a commiting keeper running into him and he put it past him, Softex weren't really in the game and most of thier shots were from long-range. The win moves us 17 points clear with just 7 games left, If results go our way again tomorrow then we will be Champions.
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    Cup semifinals are played by bots here lol

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    Update From Yeah FC...

    CL 1/4 2nd leg: We took a 3 -0 1st leg lead into this match. Playing in front of our fans - the stadium was filled to capacity of 7000 singing and dancing fans. With one eye on the upcoming league match in 1hrs against 2nd place (Paradise FC). The team mgt sent out an all reserve team and reverting to the now celebrated defensive counter attack. 2 goals from M.Johnson in the 13th and 31st decided the match. We are through to the semi finals again!

    League 6-0: This was away match against Paradise FC with just 2points separating both teams. We roll out a 4-1-3(wide M)-1-1defensive counter attack against their 4-1-2(narrow M)-3 attacking formation. 2 quick goals on the counter in the 1st half and we added another 4 in the 2nd half. As the commentator said after the second goal "the goal didn't even see it coming" a blistering strike!

    Now we are 5points clear at the top of the table. The good news is O.D.Ben is back to his goal scoring form getting a brace after going scoreless in the last 3games.

    Although we are through to semi finals of cup and CL and can take a breather in the league too but the bad news is we lost 4players to injury within the last 24hrs. Team mgt can't keep up healing these key players...its so sad.