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Thread: False result

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    False result

    Hey guys not too sure if im in the right section here, i played a match earlier today, and was after 75 minutes 3-0 to the gud, i had to make a substitution as i had a player injured, when i went to make a further substitution after 75 mins a heading came up saying either connection lost or faulty connection, i tried several times to log back in but had no luck, when later in the day i got in i found i drew the match 2-2, and had no player injured and they had a player sent off that didnt happen when it said it had, and t said there were no suppoerters, yet watched the match, as you can guess im pretty pissed off, as having 3 points taken down to 1 is not right, has anyone else come across this before and what do i do to correct the problem.

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    I remember reading somewhere that this occasionally happens when the game engine chokes and has to re-sim the game. I can't remember where I read it now, but if I do I'll find you the link.

    Sorry to hear it worked out badly for you on this occasion.

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    I had this problem one time, had yellow card and wining... and the game was stopped, and I go again to the game, and had a draw and yellow card doesn't exists... I contact to nordeus and they say that some times happen, and they are trying to solution this... I ask if it was a problem of my connection because my portable is hot fast, and sometimes slow.. but if I remember he say is the connection with the server, or a problem with facebook,, and when this happens, the game do a simulation of the match.............-.-'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''