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Thread: And Yet Another Fracking Crazy Lost...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kebess View Post
    - My team don't "like" this formation ? How does that work ? How do I figure out what formation my team like ? And shouldn't that reflect on my possession ?

    - No. Only 2 arrows. And those arrowed players were still at 60% conditions at the end of the match. In fact no one was below 50% at the end of the match. Moral was above 85% for each and every player as well.

    - No. Corners were assign to my player with Corner ability. Free-kicks were assigned to my players with better pass and kick. I even respected the foot -- right foot players handle the right corners/free-kicks, lefties the left ones.

    - Even in real life there's a limit to this... Why shouldn't there be one here ?

    - And basically there's nothing I can do to prevent this last bit, right ? Or should I go buy weaker players just in case, I happen to face a team with half my quality ?

    - I should have used a counter formation ? Isn't my formation "counter" enough against his ? What would have been a more counter formation against his ? And how does HIS team win without using a counter formation, and with only 33% possession ? And so much less quality ? How does it favor him and not me instead, following this logic ?
    - I don't know how that would work, but I figured out that my team sucks if I'm playing without an AML or AMR.

    - Hmm! That sounds okay if you didn't but the arrows on your defensive players.

    - I ment options like offensive, whole pitch, zonal defense etc.

    - I don't know.

    - That was just a thought, also heard it of a few players that it could beintegrated in the game.

    - Your formation actually looks pretty nice because he didn't cover the AML/AMC/AMR but still you managed to lose. I think he played full offensive and he managed to break through your defense. Hmm.

    After all there is also cracicots way, it really could be that the engine just trolled you, even though this rarely happens to me.

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    Whats happened to this game, iv'e got the second highest rated team in my league (60.4 level 9) and have just gone on a run of 7 defeats on the run after being top after 4 games. I've kept the players morale and condition topped up, tried different tactics after my usual ones were failing and have even watched most of my games. Got a draw today against top of the league (didn't watch this!) to to confuse me even more, any one else had a simular experience? Only for not taking it too serious anymore i was ready to sack myself today!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cracicot View Post
    I am calling serious Bullshit on this one. stupidest answer ever.

    possible but I am going to assume on the safer side that the OP didnt and therefore is not a contributing factor simply because not a lot of people use a shitload of arrows.

    Sorry, what would have been the perfect orders? Let me know so I can use them as well. BUT it is possible and would have a contribution to the outcome.

    THIS AINT REAL LIFE! This is a piss-poor fantasy football game engine generated troll result. Sure its always the stupid argument that ManUre can lose to Wigan, but like someone mentioned earlier, its like ManUre playing the highschool team of 15 year olds....the moon has a better chance of being made of cheese....

    Really? REALLY? The players in this simplistic and illogical game can actually reason and think for themselves? Are they the ones hacking into my gmail account now? Dude, get back on the meds! And I thought your first answer up above was the stupidest answer ever...I stand corrected - this is even stupider.

    DOH! I cant believe he never thought of that!! What is the "ONLY" counter formation that will counter it? Ya get what I am saying? Just in case: There are many formations that will 'counter' any given formation, just some are better or more relevant, or more effective than others.

    Look, you contribute to this site and are helpful, but you cant go around filling peoples heads with this crap of the computer game thinking for itself and the players having feelings. This is a simple game at best, simply because the devs cant even fix simple issues in a reasonable amount of time, and the illogical results just dont make sense to anybody with any football knowledge. By saying that, I mean that if the devs cant fix the game properly or program it properly, what makes you think that they can add this sort of complexity to this game? Simple answer: they cant. Therefore, its ridiculous to talk like that.

    I would advise you in the future to just chalk it up to the stupid game engine coming up with a troll result because its been know to regularly produce shit results as a result of its devs inability to program the game effectively and properly.
    I feel the same too. Its dev inability to program the game. Not only the troll result, dev dont know how to fix bugs available until now ! I think the dev doesnt expect the game grow bigger.
    Lucky that i havent invested any money to this game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confuzzled View Post
    Some ideas on reasons why your team lost:- Your team does not like the formation you played with.
    - You used too many arrows.
    - You used the wrong orders.
    - Sometimes a stronger team loses against a weaker team like in real life.
    - Sometimes your team plays bad because they think the opponent is too weak, they think it will be a sure win and well, then this happens.
    - [Insert more reasons here]

    Also you should have used a counter formation.
    I don't think so, I guess if he would player 10 games he will win the rest sometimes you can't win, that's a fact

    I'm ok with this results but not to many in one season...

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