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Thread: Anyone that plays only one formation?

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    Oh well, so only one account per Ipad? will keep that in mind, cos it works on android
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    You can have more than one, what you need to do is log out the t11 each time and also in facebook, then you can change it.
    If yours facebook is always open, you can only open the account in t11 that is conected to that account. You can not have the option of save username and password.

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    To have one base formation is normal and in lower levels not a handicap.
    But going up not having alternatives gives a huge disavantage. As op's example, he cant field wingers so would he face an equal or better team playing on the middle he couldnt exploi his flanks and would have to bet on random outcome from the ai. Having at least 2 wingers you could use would be better indeed

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    Versatility is key in this game more than people know.

    Think about it: if you go up against someone of equal quality and has a formation known to "own" your 4-4-2 that you use every game, why would you continue to play 4-4-2 and not counter his formation?

    FORMATION is key in this game, not so much quality players. how many times has my scout ST gone up against a 2-3* DC and not scored??? I have beaten higher quality teams with better players frequently and this just proves that formation means something. I sometimes put in my second string team into games that mean nothing near the end of the season and win against better players, and this comes down to formation and tactics and possibly the troll engine, but it is plain to see that some formations will win most of the time versus certain formations. Anyone who cant see that is ignorant.

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    I am not disagreeing that having different formation is better. The question is how much? Does it matter so much that it is worth it?

    I think longer term, I will try to get more versatile players to play different formations. But as a non gold buying it is not easy getting a good player nevermind a versatile one. I dont have the luxury of buying scouted players nor red packs.

    One reason I choosed to play 4132 is that having 6 mcs means I can soak up a lot of injuries.. And yes I do get a lot injuried. Whereas if I have only two ml or aml, even one injury would mess me up when I have two games a day and my green packs would be depleted asap. I wouldnt have been able to compete on all front and sure as hell wouldnt have won my treble last year.

    Would l get better results with all my players to play different formation? Yes. But over the course of the season with all the injuries? I am not sure.

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