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Thread: New phrases please.....

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    New phrases please.....

    though its my 25th season the game phrases become more boring. Maybe T11 could think about changing the game process generally?

    .....anticipates it, but he makes a mistake.....

    .....tries a .....shot.......

    you know what I mean?

    Is it too much work programming a littel video for every game?

    In a real soccer games sooo many things happen - here in T11 always the same happens----->boring

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    Hey they added "keeper takes the ball with style!" Lol. At least now 1vs1 ability for gks has meaning, altho the only ones i saw saving in 1vs1 are gks without it (lol).

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    I agree, I am bored with it too!
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    it's very boring and it was annoying me few months ago a lot.. but now, i just stopped paying attention to the commentary all together, i usually do something while the game is on anyways, especially in the first half and just briefly watching over to see if someone got hurt and my phone will vibrate if there is a goal anyways..

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    hands ando offsidessss too... and what about the spontaneous guy that is running naked for the field??? every 4 or 5 years I see one of this xDDD!!
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    Added on time needs to be added too... "There is 4 minutes of added on time indicated by the fourth official"

    At the moment Top Eleven can only be described as an arcade simulator.

    If you want to win more matches... INSERT COIN.
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