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Thread: possible error promoting a team??

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    possible error promoting a team??

    well I added a friend in top eleven, one player of the league.. level 5 I think... we had the same level.. 5,6,7,8.... yeah, we had level 8 two seasons ago.... but, last season, I had level 9, he had level 9... but he was in a league of level 10...¿? yeap... level 9 team in a level 10 league... we play in the same competition of champions league, we play the final, and I won (^-^) ... but he end league, in 9, or 10 position... and at now, I have level 10, and I play in level 10 league... and he is level 9... in a level 9 league.... without play champions league this season, of course.
    I wanna know if somebody was in this situation. That simple... just to know if that's usual...

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    That happens whend in the server there arent enought teams of level 10, in that case, to make a league, so the system promete the Best teams from 1 level above. The good thing is that those teams can buy 7* players from Mr. Scout.

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    Think its gona happen to me this season as i have been put in a higher CL.Hope if any 2 year players read this could they tell me if this happens if you have a couple of good season once you pass lvl 7 or so.