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Thread: Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiesse View Post
    I have play it today and came 1-0 behind and had low shots on the goal. I switched to hexagon and I had more pressure. Witch orders do you use then ?
    mentality normal (opponent same level or better) / attack (opponent is weaker), passing mixed, attack both flanks, own half, zonal, no offside, no counter, red arrows on ML, MR, ST

    maybe for 4-4-2 Classic better is passing short, but i play with mixed

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    4-1 in the cup

    After 2 seasons we will go trough the first round
    Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-cup.jpg
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    We have not the keeper. Bod were not accepted. I bid in the last second. We are looking further. And don't bid anymore in the last second.
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    United Til I Die 2-2 Greek Team

    United Til I Die 100.8 Hexagon then 3N-2-2-2 - Greek Team 100.4 4-1-3W-2 then 4-4-2

    Went behind on 9 minutes through a free kick, then had debut boy Marques sent off and gave a penalty away and they converted to leave us 2 down but we showed our fight and got one back though Chicka on 40 mins and just before half time Redmond on his debut pulls us level with a blockbuster and then we managed to get Herrera on in place of Karg, into the second half and it is a containing job but we manage to hang on.

    MOM: Redmond
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    Hello everyone, I am having a wonderful season.
    The greatest sale for my club. I bought this guy late last season, but he is terrible in training,
    so I had to sell him:
    Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-wonderful-sale.jpg
    I saw am astonishing change in my club's balance, guess how much he went for:
    Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-sale.jpg
    $46m, I wonder how many tokens that must have been.
    Probably more than enough to get a scout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rubenito View Post
    4-1 in the cup

    After 2 seasons we will go trough the first round
    Click image for larger version. 

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    SEASON 10 LEVEL 10

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    What Level are you playing at now? Level 9

    What are your ambitions? I have won the league at every level so far, so for me I want to collect the title again as a bare minimum. I've also won the Champions League for the past 4 seasons so I want to try and make that 5 in a row. I will be disappointed with anything less than semi finals in this. The Cup, will take as it comes, as that's always more tricky but having won the first leg of our game 3-0 today I am hopeful of staying in for a while yet.

    How many Tokens you got? Having done all my player buying throughout today I sit with 884 Tokens left. Its been an expensive day so far Token wise, with 9 scouts coming in and another token spent on a tenth player. With that said, all Token's have been gained by watching videos and doing surveys for the past few months. Not a single real penny spent.

    How much Money you got? My balance is currently just 7.87M, however I have 5 players (worth between 10 and 13 million each) on the transfer list who will stay on there tonight until they are sold as I have 5 players in my squad waiting to take their place as unregistered. I would think I will be facing a pot of around 60M once these 5 players have moved on. With all my major signings of the season made, I'm very pleased with that.

    Who are you buying/selling?

    Its been a busy day so far, with ten players brought in.

    Turner (ST, Q69), Shabi (GK Q69), Saliaz (DL, Q69), Sutchulin (MC Q68), Abeola Helgesen (DR, Q68) Rosa (ST Q68), Mousa (DC,DR Q67), Larie (MC Q67) and Ngalle (DR Q66) have all joined from the scout list.
    Kone (MC Q63) has joined from the general auction for a price of one Token.

    James (DL,DC Q60), Pitakham (MC, Q60), Polsong (ST Q60) And Kapan (GK Q60) have all departed the squad today.
    Castro (DC, DR Q62), Airley (MC Q62), Gonzalez (DMR, MR Q61), Chantarat (AML, ML Q61) and Kanhachali (DC, DR, Q60) are all on the list and will be re-added until they depart.

    12 players have been retained from last season -
    Yazici (ST, Q70), Gollner (AMC Q67), Erbate (DL,DC Q66), Moussoningul (GK Q66), Medina (AMR, DMR, MR Q66), Harrab (ML Q65), Toogood (DC, DMC Q65), Ahn (MC, Q65), Teague (MC, Q65), Villaba (DC DR, Q63), Rega (ST, Q63) and Pilgaarrd (DC, DMC Q62) are the lucky players to be kept on.

    In recent seasons the 4-4-2 tactic was used a fair bit, with 4-4-1-1 being used a lot last year to get the most out of Gollner. This season its been decided that carrying two ML's and MR's is not going to happen. As a result we have allowed a few extra MC's to come in and a couple of ST's to join too. This season the idea is to mainly go with a 4-3-3 (with three MC's), or a 4-3-1-2 (again with three MC's). We have kept a ML and a MR in the squad so the traditional 4-4-2 can be used, but intention is to play to our strengths which is through the middle and up front this season.

    How Many Boosters do you have?

    Red 101, Blue 145 and Green 87.

    The overall quality of my team has greatly improved today. The offers for Tokens over the last few months really has been milked to death by me, which has allowed for big changes today. Unless something goes badly wrong my spending on players for the season is over. With 884 Tokens still in the bank I am pleased that this gives plenty of reserve for following seasons. The aim is to continue to milk surveys and video's for this season with a target between 1000-1200 Tokens in my kitty for the start of the next season.

    With such great investment made this season via Mr Scout I expect promotion this year and next with these players. I will be imposing a Token spending cap at the start of next season where I will be keeping 1000 Tokens back. So if by Day 1 of next season I have 1140 Tokens there will be 140 available for new players.

    Again, I will not be spending any real money to get Tokens. All Tokens must be won from the game for free. If I fail to hit 1000 Tokens by the end of this season then no new players will be added next season.
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    Our new player names at Perfect Tactics this season (subject to change)
    • Bernt Haas
    • Cerezo Fung A Wing
    • Pedro Power
    • Raúl Papaleo
    • Norman Conquest
    • Danny Invincible?

    Yes, all these are named after real players

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    Champions League Runners up(1) - Level 9

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    won 4-1 away in cup against abandoned and shock not 2 injuries, guess it`s going to be injury hit season even after one game

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    Don't ya just love free transfers to boost the cash for 1 token on day 1 of the season

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