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Thread: Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)

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    Before you decide to tank, check if you actually can make it. If i decided to tank right now in my 35T, most likely i wouldn't make it. 8th place has 22 points in 15 matches, i have 41, so he'd have to make 20 points on 13 games, an higher number of points per game than he got so far. At least it would be very very close, and risking to get promoted, without qualifying for CL would only make matters worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Sponge View Post
    Still doing great. Average quality 31.5, age 27.7
    Hey Bob, perhaps I can interest you in one or two of my players?

    Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-untitled-1.jpg


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    Flinger has a good point, can you for sure tank, RedDevilJohn? Cos it would be worse to *almost* tank.

    Here's what my team's been up to: Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-daves.png Well, another draw. Yep, he has the most drawn matches against me.

    Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-recent.jpg Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-tabel.jpg Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-score.jpg Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-pass.jpg Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-rate.jpg Season 46 (20.10.13/16.11.13)-cl_.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiesse View Post
    League round 15

    We played against the nr 2. This was the worst match with injuries. I had 3 injuries in this game. All 3 important players. Lucky we had enough red packs too heal them. The positive thing in this match is that we have won and have now 14 points clear on the nr 2. This season we got many goals against out of a corner. Overpowered ????


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    hard defending with nobody in your own half lol
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    An easy Day

    All four teams did well yesterday and advanced to the CL-Quarterfinals. As we had won the first legs by at least a 4-goal-margin we rested the top-players and so gave the substitutes a chance.

    FC Dreamhunter won 1-0, Berkshire Utd won 4-0 after a 8-0 win in the League while FC Sakura crushed Michel FC in the CL 7-0 and Teresa FC won 6-1.

    An interesting match was the game between Teresa and Sakura in the league. I sent out both teams with the strongest formations and just looked how they were doing (only making one substitution on each side in the last ten minutes). Teresa played at home and got the support of two people, but Sakura managed a very close 2-1 victory and secured the 2nd place in the league.

    Today both teams will try to reach the Cup-Semifinals. The first legs have been very close so everything is possible, but we play at home. So let's see...
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    Another league win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat Harrison View Post
    Flinger has a good point, can you for sure tank, RedDevilJohn? Cos it would be worse to *almost* tank.

    Here's what my team's been up to: Click image for larger version. 

Name:	daves.png 
Views:	9 
Size:	84.8 KB 
ID:	14723 Well, another draw. Yep, he has the most drawn matches against me.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	recent.jpg 
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ID:	14724 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tabel.jpg 
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ID:	14725 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	score.jpg 
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Name:	pass.jpg 
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Name:	rate.jpg 
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Name:	cl_.png 
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    Yes it is a very good point, maybe I wont, as July thinks it would be a waste also, just fed up of not being competitive an come 2nd or 3rd, I don't think I will be buying any new players next season
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    Last Night's Champions League Quarter-Final 2nd Leg Result

    juventud unida 0-3 July Fourth

    July Fourth win 5-2 on aggregate
    Juventud unida 143.2 asymmetrical 4-5-1 - July Fourth 149.4 dv8r then hex then 3W-2-3W-2

    We were in a position where elimination from the CL at the last 16 was possible for the second successive season, but however we came here with a game plan to get us through this tie and it worked, We had the flexibility of Kusama being a triple role player and this was part of the key for us to get through this tie, We didn't start the game too well to be fair and knew we needed more attacking options if we were going to make i t through early on, Both teams were cancelling each other out early but it was Kusama who made the run forward and finished it with a fine solo move to give us the lead, we the pushed Kusama to support the attack and in search of our second goal, He made it difficult for their defenders to deal with him and with doing so this allowed Papaleo to get a chance through on goal and also put it away towards the end of the first half, One more goal was needed to make sure of our progression, It wasn't until we removed one of our defenders and replaced Calavicci with Miku, Miku did have a couple of chances on target before Papaleo was again in on goal through a counter attack and no doubt shooting low past the keeper to get our 3rd away goal in this tie. Game over.

    Goals: Kusama (21) Papaleo (37,63) MOTM: Calavicci.

    Team Talk: After last seasons horrific exit at this stage and also going into this tie at 2-2 as well, We were very relieved to have won here and progess to the next round, We play Lafruta next and we have a score to settle with them, They are a team that have power supported against us on about 100 occasions. No doubt he will bring his power support army for this one. Also El Capo suffered a shock elimination last night losing against AS Nicolina
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester FC View Post
    Attachment 14689

    match in Cup two the best teams on my server (which I seen)

    Mouri Club 0-1 MR

    Mouri Club - level 11 - won the most of trophies
    League - 10 titles
    CL - 9 titles
    Cup - 6 titles / 2x runner up
    quality of team - 80.8
    starting XI - around 84
    1 player Q90 - 1 player 9* (look from his level 11)
    2 players 8*
    8 players 7*
    3 players 6*
    2 players 5*
    1 player 4*

    he watched + 4 supporters, played 4-3N-1-2, 4-3N-2W-1, 4-5-1 V-Style, again 4-3N-1-2, 3N-4-1-2

    MR - level 10 - the highest quality on server
    League - 7 titles / 1x 3th / 1x 4th
    CL - 4 titles / 1x 2nd
    Cup - 2 titles
    quality of team - 84.4
    starting XI - 89
    14 players Q89 - 14 players 9* (look from his level 10)
    2 players 7*
    1 player 5*
    1 player 3*

    he not watched, without supporters, played 4-1-3N-2

    edit: his goals in league after 14 rounds: 72 to 0

    MR was a normal team, I remember when I seen him in transfer market (we was both on this same level), but at the moment is BIG tokens buyer

    5* for me Q60-64, 6* - 65-69, 7* 70-74, 8* 75-79, 9* 80-84, 10* 85-89, 11* 90-94, (yes, i know max is 9*)
    second leg for top teams in Cup

    MR 0-2 Mouri Club
    4-1-3N-2 vs 4-1-2-1-2 ND / 3N-2N-2W-1-2 / WD / again ND / 4-4-1-1
    Mouri Club won 2-1 agg.

    MR stay on quality 84.4

    Mouri Club now: Q86.4
    quality of team - 86.4 (was 80.8)
    starting XI - around 89.8 (was around 84)
    9 players Q90 (8 players jump from Q84/85) - 9 players 9* (look from his level 11)
    4 players 8*
    3 players 7*
    1 player 4*

    1 player Q90 - 1 player 9* (look from his level 11)
    2 players 8*
    8 players 7*
    3 players 6*
    2 players 5*
    1 player 4*

    for 15 players jump quality