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Thread: auction or scout?

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    My last experience, is that I wasted 18 tokens for a young player MC from the academy, of 4 stars... too I buy a player of 50 tokens of the scout list, a MC... I proved the younger, and if you see the page of my team.. I talked about it, because I was surprised with my young players... usually I have they as a 2nd option, but.. I think that... I have to have a respect for the people made in home LOL really I see that the value is not all... you can pay 50 tokens for a guy that goes to the field and is 90' minutes enjoying his self in the mirror... or, yeah.. I have Shevchenko..ST. of Hesselink..ST. Brighi.. an MC... and all they works ever. usually, is that, when a player is programmed to work well, works well. If not... nope nope... and don't pray for a miracle...-.-'

    At now I have to sell a player to do the contract of the man that costs 50 tokens... and.. is that.. I don't know what will he/she do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cracicot View Post
    you go by age. 18yo will be the most expensive. IF you see a 19yo more expensive than the best 18yo on your list, then you have a problem and should not buy that 18yo. I do believe there is a thread with the ages of the most expensive 18yo for each level. Too lazy to provide it, sorry.
    Even if the 19 y/o is a quality of say 29 and the 18 y/o is 19, surely the 18y/o wouldn't be worth more then even if he is a faster trainer? or are you saying that the quality doesn't demand the value?

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    A) I've found that the most expensive players are not necessarily the fastest trainers. More expensive players are more likely to be faster trainers, but I've had a couple who were the most expensive on my team who were absolute crap trainers. On the other hand, cheap players are most likely poor trainers, although once in awhile you find a gem.

    B) Based on my experience and what I've read (I believe it was July 4 who did a lot of research on the subject) scouts are always fast trainers. The catch is that a 24yo fast trainer trains about equally to a moderate trainer at 18yo. (I'm generalizing here, the exact relationship may vary somewhat.) I've only bought a few scouts though, so my experience with them IS limited. I am buying more now than I'd like, simply because I can't find quality players at some positions (especially AM*s )otherwise.

    C) I only buy x4 or x9 5 star players at auction. i.e. those players within 1 skill point of being scout level. I can't understand why anyone would buy a 3 or 4 star player. I've had very good luck at getting players at auction, but that's a subject unto itself.

    D) I've had good luck getting players via negotiation as well. Unfortunately, 99% of the offers out there are by idiots, (offering minimum cash + 0 tokens) so I think most players simply ignore negotiation offers. My strategy with this is quite simple: I look for teams 2-3 levels or more higher than I am (click make offer and you can then access the owner's information), and players who are benchwarmers for them (e.g. if a team two levels higher than me has a squad of 7 star players relative to me, that 5 star player (relative to me) is 3 star player to them that they are probably willing to part with.) I then make an offer high enough to give them 4 or 5 tokens. So, for 17-18 tokens, I get a player just shy of being a scout. Still somewhat expensive, but about 75% of these acqusitions have been fast or above average trainers for me.

    E) I've never paid for an Academy player. Even the very fastest training 4* player would be my worst player, riding the bench, for 2 or 3 seasons, and that's a serious waste of 1/2 a season's worth of tokens.
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    My experience.
    a. Scout : I always buy two or there scout in each season. I buy scout 22 year old , quality of scout near 7 star and especially " max value". What " max value " mean ? It's mean : " max value " of player > Money change from token in " Bank investment "- example : in level 14, Bank investment from 25 token is 58M so " max value " of scout will more than 58M. If value of scout is " max value ",quality of scout will increases faster when training.
    b. Auction : of course in each season we must buy some young player. I just buy 18 year old player have quality near 6 star and have " max value ", max value of 18 year old player = Yx35:25, with Y : Bank investment from 25 token.
    That is my experience, hope you can understand what thing I say and hope will help you when playing Top Eleven

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