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Thread: Season 47

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    League Round 26 - Last Game Of The Season

    July Fourth 2-0 dani
    Jet Hogan Testimonial

    July Fourth 154.4 orthodox dandelion - dani 143.7 ND with ML instead of MC

    Boring game to end the season really with nothing to play for and we decided to give one of our long serving players a testimonial this afternoon... Jet Hogan with playing over 300 games for the club. July Fourth weren't really interested in trying to win the game to be fair and it took a while for us to get going, Papaleo scored after being put through from Tendulkar midway through the first half, Papaleo had the rest of the game to score another for 40 goals this season but it never came, we did get another goal late on when Hogan crossed in for Watson to score our final goal of the season.

    Goals: Papaleo (27) Watson (87) MOTM: Papaleo.

    So let's spare a paragraph to talk about Jet Hogan and his career for July Fourth, He was a good defender for us but I wouldn't go and say he was one of the greatest we have had and he was a bit inconsistent at times to be fair, but none the less, he was the type that would usually bounce back after a bad spell of a few games, In all of his 9 seasons at the club he did achieve at least one goal and MOTM every season and let's not forget he did also win young player of the season once.

    Jet Hogan, 9 Seasons, Played 309 Goals 24 Assists 5 MOTM 15
    9 League Titles 7 Champions League Titles 3 Cup Titles

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    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post
    Not a bad result, but maybe with your first eleven you can beat him
    yeah, I am really surprised... with low condition in all players... playing without my 8* MC Overmars... without ST's like Of Hesselink and without Klose... with the invisible ST Djibril Cissé, and my MC subs' Ronaldinho.-.. ...-.-' and too with my 2nd Gk and doing an experiment with my young MC called Antelo as a ST... ...0-1 is a good result

    PS: I would like to know if somebody uses a MC as a ST and his results....
    I see how my Robben and Andy Shevchenko have less hair in the head... and +1 year... and -1 star ...(-_-)'
    is a good option MC in ST place?
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    The thread for season 48 is now here: good luck everyone!
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    Well folks it's that time again...

    July Fourth Season Review

    July Fourth Season Summary (Game Season 47, My Season 25, My Level 25)

    Final Position 1st Played 26 Won 23 Drawn 1 Lost 2 GF 79 GA 22 GD +57 PTS 70
    Not the greatest of league seasons for July Fourth, But we won the league quite comfortably in the end, We fended off the early challenge of TeamSystem COBRA and won the league by 14 points, We had a draw and a loss against PIPPO FC and a loss against tripianas club which ended our latest long unbeaten league run at 65.

    Champions League
    Final Position Winner Played 13 Won 11 Drawn 1 Lost 1 GF 45 GA 12 GD +33
    July Fourth found the group stage more difficult than the knockout stage itself this season, we were drawn in a rather difficult group and our draw and loss came against FC.KOYTALA but we done enough to win the group, We then brushed aside Bursaspor and a Thai Team with ease before overcoming a tough battle against LaFruta in the semi-final before over coming El Capo 2-0 in the final.

    Final Position Winner Played 13 Won 10 Drawn 2 Lost 1 GF 44 GA 10 GD +34
    July Fourth's cup campaign was far from flawless this season, We started with a 3-0 win over Supap in the first round before losing the 2nd leg 1-2, Then brushed aside GALATASARAY before edging out Jon Utd with a 1-1 draw and 1-0 win in the 3rd round, Then easily beat Pogon Barwice and Fontanellese before a tough battle with LaFruta in the semi-final, Then July Fourth beat El Capo 3-0 in the final.

    Total Games in all 3 competitions: Played 52 Won 44 Drawn 4 Lost 4 GF 168 GA 44 GD +124
    Not the greatest in attacking and defending departments by any means this season, but it shows you that we won all the crucial matches when it really mattered, But its a TREBLE winning season so it also means its a successful season.

    49 - Chano Petersen
    48 - Stacey Papaleo
    45 - Ryogo Kusama
    44 - Danny Watson, Al Calavicci
    42 - Yossi Benayoun
    38 - Twenty Regal
    37 - James Lamb
    36 - Ivor Hardy
    34 - Randy Knight
    32 - Angel Miku-Zidane, Issem Lenoil
    31 - Miku
    28 - Sachin Tendulkar

    39 - Stacey Papaleo
    23 - Yossi Benayoun, Danny Watson
    19 - Ryogo Kusama
    16 - Chano Petersen
    10 - Miku
    7 - Angel Miku-Zidane, Sachin Tendulkar

    27 - Chano Petersen
    19 - Stacey Papaleo
    9 - Ryogo Kusama

    Man Of The Match
    13 - Stacey Papaleo
    6 - Chano Petersen
    4 - Yossi Benayoun, Ryogo Kusama

    Performance Of The Season
    July Fourth 8-0 Fontanellese (Cup Quarter-Final First Leg) This was the moment when I begun to sense something was special on this season with a fabolous performance against a highly active team/manager. We played really well and scored many goals for fun in this tie.

    Disappointment Of The Season
    July Fourth 1-3 tripianas club (League Round 18) We were way below par in this match, but we could afford the defeat since we were in a good position in the league at this stage, it was just disappointing to lose our 65 league game unbeaten run this way.

    July Fourth Young Player Of The Season
    Yossi Benayoun. For the second season at the club he pretty much repeated his goalscoring form to show and always looked a goalscoring threat and he is a bright talent for the future and came very close to the previous seasons tally of 25 goals with scoring 23 this season.

    July Fourth Players Review and Player Of The Season
    Like last season, there was a few under performing players IMO, Miku-Zidane found it hard to get into form and only performed well at the end of the season, Lamb was another disappointment, putting many poor shows this season with scoring many 5's, but Lenoil is our biggest flop, What seemed like a promising talent 2 seasons ago by winning YPOTS, he is starting to look like a lost cause because his performances since have been a long way from this. Knight was great in goal this season, much better than last season, but he may still find himself replaced at the beginning of next season, Regal and Hardy were very solid in defence and put in some good performances at times. Martin and Harrison still look like good prospects for us in the games they appeared in this season generally fitting well into the team when played, Tendulkar was excellent in his first season at JF and performed well in the big games, Watson was great as usual scoring a good number of goals from the left wing, Miku had a good season this season, getting 10 goals in 31 goals isn't bad since most of those games Miku was a sub or subbed, Petersen did his job again this season, but no more and could of been better, Kusama had a good follow up to last season netting 19 goals but wasn't as influential and players like Hogan,Beckett,Senna,O'Light and Pietropaolo were reserves this season and now this brings us onto our top 3.

    For pretty much the same reasons mentioned in the YPOTS award above.

    Again Admiral Al was stunning this season in great performances, He did have a poor spell mid-season but when the big games came around against LaFruta and El Capo he was able to help shut out their attacks and help us win the games and this propelled him into the 2nd best player for us again this season.


    Stacey Papaleo

    There was only ever going to be one winner of POTS this season with all the goals flying in and the huge increase in assists and MOTM's too and while most July Fourth players stats wise went backwards from last season, Papaleo was the only one that went forwards really, Papaleo scored more goals than last season (39 to last seasons 38) and won both the golden boot and top assists in our league this season and also Papaleo's best performances came right at the end of the season scoring once in the Cup Final and scoring both in the CL Final taking both the MOTM's when you think about it, the choice for POTS this season is obvious.

    Off The Pitch Performance

    We did take a hit financially when we bought and released Zino within a couple of days when we found Harrison on the transfer market, but other than that we are still rich cash wise.

    July Fourth ended the season with a fan base of 7,948,604.

    Board Meeting

    The Board has made another 1,531T available for next season, Next season will be our penultimate season of major token investment.
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    end the season with 3 injured, how it is possible. anyway. will sack all of them next season
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    We lost the league for the first time in 9 levels (season 11). We were trailing Hell FC for most of the season and moved to first place after mid season but a direct loss to Hell FC few rounds ago made us #2 again and in the last round, we both won #4 and #5

    Terrible season, we are
    #2 for the first time in league
    got eliminated for the first time in CL Group stage
    got eliminated quite early in Cup by the Cup finalist

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    A really competitive season; two of us neck-and-neck right until the end and my lot pipped Hills to the title by winning the very last game on the very last day.

    Season 47-t11.jpg

    That made up for the team getting humped 3-0 in their first ever Champions League Final (in 18 seasons!) the previous day.
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    *Season Officially Over*
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    Haven't been able to post for a couple of weeks. Season just finished and we are 3rd, 4 points behind top and 1 behind 2nd.
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    Its is time to close this thread
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