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Thread: Season 48 (15.12.13/11.01.14)

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    We lost our first game in league, unexpected because it was against really low quality team but the good part is first 4 teams lost all their games yesterday and we are still on 1st with a good advantage.

    In CL an other victory for us and we can say that we are the group winner.
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    Again lost in League against the same team whom i defeated twice in cup playoffs!!!!
    They has nothing new, they were playing same formation, we used same tactics, and we lost 2-1.
    We lost because of another last minute goal by them, yesterday we had drawn because of that!!!!!
    So i can beat a team twice in Cup but can't beat them in league.
    And now i may slip to 7th today, when i had a chance of getting to 1st yesterday.
    I am now considering tanking, if i can't qualify for CL. I will wait for 3 more games, if i am not able to make it to the Top 4 in next 3 games, we will tank the League!!!!!
    Why does this always happen that whenever i feel this can be the season for me, i start getting trolled!!!??????
    I AM FED UP!!!!!!!!

    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

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    f!@k man i drew against a non active lower team sh!t!! i hate it my team quality is 77 and he's 70 using mostly 3 star and some 2 star player, i won against the number 1 team before this match 3-2 now i drew against a crappy team, my players are all in a good form 7-8,i dont get it why i drew??? its like a stupid bug i have a lot of chances but the players keep on saying sails wide n so on thats stupid i subbed the player still its the same, ball possesion 60 40, it was my chance of being top 7 since the others are facing strong teams, my god i hate the game engine,not only i drew against weak teams i even lost against them but win against big teams isnt that full of crap!! this have been happening for 2 consecutive seasons before that i was fine, to be honest this two season is where i get my best formed players average 7-8 and quality almost scout, and why am i battling for relegation when my team is better its not like the league is full of strong clubs its more balance f!@k it!
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    We are fighting:

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    After seeing the last post, it seems that today all the Best teams lose.

    My Team also had His first defeat in league, and was my Biggest defeat ever.
    I was playing home, seeing the game my opponent not, higher Q, he was playing 442 i started with 3142 then changed in 2H to 3412.
    Lost 4:0, 3 goals from corners and another from a free kick. UNBELIVEBLE.

    I am 3rd, but can end in 5th After the end of this round. This is my 3rd troll this season.


    The game was at 5:30am away, so i was not present.
    We lost by 3:2, not good, not bad, the 2 goals away can be usefull.

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    Sorry I havent posted in a while.
    Got trolled by Nordeua. Im now 5th after magically drawing 1-1 with the bottom team, losing 3-0 to the leaders abd drawing 1-1 to 4th and 5th.
    Very annoying.
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    We won 2-1!!!!!
    We played 3N-1-2N-2W-2 against ND. We were watching they were not. We logged in at 2 min to find we had conceded a goal. I changed to attacking and took the risk of Counter Attacking. It payed off. Nardi scored from a distance at 35 min to equalize. Then their DMC was injured and not replaced. We took advantage and changed to 4-1-1-2N-2 by subbing out Balezdrov for Porceddu. Then Jokic scored from a Counter Attack. Then we had a sad part. Nardi was injured at 86th min. I knew that there was no use subbing him as the sub would never come on. So i let it be and the match got over.
    MoM Jokic

    So we can beat a stronger team in Cup but can't beat weak teams in league......LOLs

    We now have a victory by 1+ GD and 2 away goals. We just want a draw next leg so we can qualify into the quarters for the first time ever!!!!! Fingers Crossed

    News: The Club doctor announced that Nardi is our for 8 days with a broken foot. He had 3 goals in 4 matches, 2 of them were match wining goals, including today's. Seeing his importance in the upcoming matches, he has been supplied with 15 reds to treat him fully. It is, however, unsure if he will be playing tomorrows League match.

    Should Kaka' have been selected for Brazil's WC squad?
    Tell us ur opinion-

    P.S.S The person in my avatar is NOT me! He is the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.

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    Going well here

    Champs League: Attachment 17141

    League: Attachment 17140 Keough and Bobo got a brace each, but Calado get MOM, nice to see my D get some recognition.

    Fink Fink beat UniQ Milan (4 4 2 v 4 4 2, 2 to 1) great news for me: Attachment 17142
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    wow I haven't updated on here in quite a while. Lions FC is doing good so far, 8 wins and 2 draws in the league, we sit in 1st place, 3 points up on second. 5-0-0 in the CL and we won the first leg of our Cup tie 2-1 at home. the Cup matches keep getting tougher and tougher so I dont think we'll be making it to the finals for the third time in a row, but we'll see.
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    League round 10

    A though win. I noticed that hexagon seems not be very effective against opponents formation.


    38' Neymar Jr
    87' Ozil assist Cardozo

    Fraile has no goals scored the last three matches. In this game he missed also a penalty.

    MOTM: Ozil

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