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Thread: advertised results

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    advertised results

    Why do ppl feel the need to advertise there resaults when It has nothing to do with there ability in this game?
    I have my account and started one for my misses, where I have put the time and effort into my team as well as spending money on this game to improve my self.
    My misses account has had limited time spent on it have only replaced injured players and payed for free transfers she is only lvl 2 atm and her results in cup and champions League are far better than myself at her lvl winning in this game is just luck the less time you spend better you do and she is not using 442 classic either as she has beaten this formation from a far better team.
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    yeah i kinda agree with you
    the less active you are the better youll be even against better teams (from my experience)
    nowadays i just open up both of my accounts for around 10 minutes each (most of that time i just send gifts), train a bit, add skill points, and buy an emergency player if needed. they both are performing well even against token buyers. and of course, i dont watch matches since most of my matches are from 11-4AM
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