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Thread: Are results pre-determined before a ball is kicked?

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    I did not sayd anything about token buyers...i sayd if you SPEND tokens on items, on players....if you spend your FREE tokens before some important matches you will get better rezults. This is still stupid and should not happen! WHY? Simple...because it will leave you the impression that you need to spend more curency and more often. It does not matter if you spend 1 or 300 in a day it only matter if you spend them constantly!

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    Hello all. I would like to add something that happened to me. The other week I logged on to watch my game and it was at 61 minutes and I was 4-1 up. Great I thought. Then all of a sudden it was kick off 0 minutes. It only showed the result for a couple of seconds I didn't have time to see who got the goals. So I watched it and guess what the score was at 61 minutes. U got it. I was 4-1 up at 61 minutes. To me this assures me that the end result is already determined before kick off. I only wish that I had time to check the goal scorers before the game corrected itself. What other explanation could there be.

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    The other explanation is a time delay, a lag, a wrong synchronicity in the internet connection, your account and in the server. I don't know how this can happen but I 've seen it in some auctions I had.
    For example
    I was the only one bidder and waiting, waiting ...and after about 3 minutes I get the player
    Are results pre-determined before a ball is kicked?-auction-time.jpg

    In another auction, we were two in the second round. Waiting, waiting ...and again after about 2,5 minutes, started the counter for round 1.
    Are results pre-determined before a ball is kicked?-time-bug-tm-mobile.jpg

    *but all we know that it's only one minute where the players have to bid for the next round
    So, are auctions also predetermined ? Of course not.

    I don't believe that results are predetermined. It's the roll dice of the game, sometimes it's too strong and whatever you do, you just can't beat it.
    An easy experiment.
    Let's say, in one season that you don't want to level up ,
    start your descent/good team of 5* players against also a descent/good team of 4-5* players. With a 4-4-2.
    Then when the game starts, make a sub your GK with your worst defender and put your STs in DML-DMR positions.
    If you win 3-4 out of 10 games like that, it means that results are indeed predetermined.
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    That does sound logical. About the time delay I too experience the time delay in the auctions. I don't think we will ever know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raykco View Post
    Buying tokens does not mean success. Each season since I started playing, I have bought 70 tokens, except season 7, when I went mad and bought 300. That turned out to be my WORSE season, finishing 5th in league and failing to qualify for Champs League for the only time.

    So the game engine does not favour token buyers.
    Totally agree. I spend a few tokens each season but this time I bought a load of scouts and my inconsistency in games remains the same. In fact my CL form suggested I may go far in this season but then I lost on away goals in last 16. Same happened in Cup. So I don't think buying tokens or not makes any difference.

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    Last season i was watching my match from my phone very early in the game my team let in a goal. Score 1-0 a goal down. Then i experience a server breakdown, try to log in bt fail. Try few time still couldnt log in and when i finally able to log in to the game its over. So i check the score in the fixture menu result i won 2-0. Where is the goal my team conceide????

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    Definitely not predestined. Palace Terriers were playing a CL QF 2nd Leg at home to a team +1.7Q in starting XI. The 1st Leg was a 0-2 defeat for the Terriers, despite playing against 10-men for 2/3 of the match.

    The return match started in the same vein as the first, Terriers attacks foundering on a resolute defence. At the start of the second half, threw caution to the wind, changed from 4-1-4-1 normal/flanks/counter (vs 4-3N-3) to 4-5-1V hard attack/flanks/no counter, with the sub of DL for DL (booking) and AML for ML (formation change) and the opponents defence fell apart, conceding 3 goals.

    If the match result was predestined, how did it know that the opposing manager wouldn't turn up, I did, and I would make the changes I did that so very obviously changed how the match went? I can't see that with the formations and tactics employed over three halfs that were summarily ineffective would suddenly produce three goals in the fourth...
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