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Thread: decided to try something

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    decided to try something

    Since this is a season that one of my accounts is tanking since he came in 2nd last season and its time to build up the skill points, I am going ot go crazy and do the itayfranko thing for the whole season to see what happens. I will still play the cup and cl for keeps but the league is a tank all the way.

    I will put a stupid formation for the whole season and make sure my guys are tired and no morale

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    Now we are 2!!!
    but I will tank 2 months LOL to "organize" my new team strategy and all this ..-.-'

    Is possible that like in my 1st month of tanking 4 months ago, you can win the CL... is different when you play "all to 1", or whan you play to be in 3 competitions, and every day. good luck :P

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    i wanted to try something, too lazy to start ATM. will probably try with a newly created FB next season
    i want to see whether or not its possible to score, a complete ZERO in the league
    of course no walkovers. illegal formations, players out of position and other tanking laws still apply
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