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Thread: How to improve the form of certain players?

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    Nordeus just gave up on this and thinking of t11 2015. I am beating stronger teams with a formation one day, then getting hammered by weaker teams with same formation the next. There is absolutely no logic to it.

    Any answers Nordeus ???

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    Fastest way is use green packs, spend 2~3 a day and the player should be back to shape in less than a week.

    If that is too costly and you want to keep your player, let him play 20~60minutes in match (by subs, in or out) and never whole time until his form changed to 7 or more. This may weaken your team in a few games.

    The slowest but still effective way, bench him while he have max morale. Keep him benched until his morale drop to orange or red. After that just use him as sub. If done well he will have good form and his morale will increase after playing a match. This can take a week or two.

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    In my opinion, it's normal that players' form varies. Unlucky bad results may also affect players' form. I don't think there is a quick fix. If a player plays badly, I usually sit out these players and use more other rotational players. If a lot of player play badly, it is difficult situation. I will tend to be more defensive & change formation.

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    As you can see, I have great problems with form. This players are usually on bench, for this screenshot I've put them in 1st team. Most of them were bought this season, spent most of tokens I had on them, now I don't have enough to replace them (4T is almost nothing) .
    Since they are bought this season, contract extend isn't option. Morale boost didn't make any difference as well as winning bonus.
    I have tried to change their position, but without success. For example, MR didn't show any difference playing on AMR, he is right footed.
    I don't see any solution of this problem. I don't want to leave this team and take new one.
    Ex top eleven player

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