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Thread: game engine changed to make people panic buy more tokens

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    Quote Originally Posted by July Fourth View Post
    I was winning games in the league by 6s and 7s last season, now its 2s and 3s and I have had a draw against a side 10+ quality weaker than mine, I have a feeling the magnitude between 2 teams quality have been halved, possibly encouraging more closer games and perhaps an increased chance of a draw.

    94quality vs 89quality is 5quality difference - game engine may look at it now as 2.5 difference rather than 5.
    94quality vs 84quality is 10quality difference - game engine may look at it now as 5 difference rather than 10.
    94quality vs 74quality is 20quality difference - game engine may look at it now as 10 difference rather than 20.
    94quality vs 64quality is 30quality difference - game engine may look at it now as 15 difference rather than 30.
    94quality vs 54quality is 40quality difference - game engine may look at it now as 20 difference rather than 40.
    94quality vs 14quality is 80quality difference - game engine may look at it now as 40 difference rather than 80.

    I think the relative strength between 2 teams has been halved. Possibly a good thing for the competitiveness for Top Eleven.
    i agree to this. something is different in the league this season. my team is the best rated in the league. i have already lost 4 games this early in the season. that's probablly equal or more than my total loses in the last 3 seasons. my goal difference this season is a pathetic single digit.

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    I don ´t know what to say, I won two league games by a small margin, then game 6 of CL only 1-0 at home (won all other by 4 to 7 goals) I was starting to question and yesterday 10 - 0 again......
    Well to be honest, i prefer to win slightly ( at least you enjoy your win) than crushing opponent by rugby score!!
    Maybe the changes you are mentioning affect more players at higher level because at level 2 I do not really see a change compare to last season ( or after login issue)

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    Ha, that's why I started the action "Not Buy Tokens"

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    Woah, OK, this thread got out of hand. I don't mind people discussing the game engine, but flame wars aren't allowed. Please feel free to make another thread on this subject, but without arguments.

    EDIT: I've removed some offending posts here that went offtopic and turned into petty arguments. Baxtoot, please make a new thread to discuss any changes you feel have happened in the game. But please, everyone, keep it civil.

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