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Thread: Is this really achievable?

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    dont have to get everyone to buy, thats ideal. 20-80 rule guys. Just need 20% to continue to buy every month/season, thats 80% of their profit for the whole year. That's a cool 5mil a year if they spent just a $1 a month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rastaman70 View Post
    its not that simple. the numbers are false on the site, and thats obvious. so many people have multiple accounts and there are tons of abandoned accounts. I would bet that there are 2-3 million at best and 10% of those pay. now do THAT math
    I wasn't going by the site but by what I could find on the web about Nordeus. Most financial figures only cover up to 2012, and since then they've expanded rapidly, opening 3 new offices worldwide in the last year.
    In an interview with Nikola Cavic, head of business development, a few months back he says "Out of 12 million monthly active users more than half login to Top Eleven more than 100 times every month", so he's talking about 6 million daily users.
    They've headhunted quite a few top professionals from the gaming industry in the last 12 months and are really pushing expansion into Asia and South America this year.
    They are making a LOT of money.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Stamatis View Post
    Hey guys, this is my first post as I'm new in the game. I'm level 2, been playing for the last 25 days. My team is currently at 17.3 which is kinda good since I never buy tokens. Yesterday I was checking out some of my ch.l opponents and I find this guy who is level 2 as I am, he started around new year, his teams' rate is around 33, he has 16 million cash (!), 111k stadium with every other aspect as parking lot, youth training etc at top level.

    And I'm asking, can this level really be achieved in less than a month or is there something going on?

    Nice to be here by the way
    bad for him, the first thing you don't have to do in this game is waste tokens tograde the stadium, he will have 200 persons looking matches in a 111k stadium LOL...
    with the tokens that he wasted to upgrade the stadium I can win 5 leagues 5 champions leagues and 2 cups

    for the Quality I started a new team 6 days ago 13,6 of Q. and I'm using this season to train :P

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