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Thread: were am i going to *** ***** *** now

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    Quote Originally Posted by satansboss View Post
    Couldn't agree more Sully, i'm like you i read but rarely post as i can't be bothered getting in to mindless back and forth debates with people who should have been a blow j**
    I'd watch out we might get accused of both being BigB. This guy doesn't like people who don't agree with him.

    You will be on his hate list now. I just can't stand little people like this. Keyboard hardmen!!!
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    ima say this will suffer the same fate as the vent thread #2, 'mysterious disappearance with the sudden departure of a shady van with blacked out window and a free candy sign'. saw it on fox news a wihle ago, im sure you guys missed it

    still dont get why you guys dont just let bygones be bygones and act as if nothing happened? sure if it were IRL id quietly watch quarrels and hope they escalate into something fun
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    This thread is converted in something personal for some persons... sad.
    the only thing that nordeus have to do to "don't need a vent thread" is to ask the 11 millions of players what type of game they want to play, ask for better problems, try to solution and add a different wayfor this game, like other games are doing.
    Use this forum for this work, just invite active players to discuss a new way for the game and for solutions.
    At the end, we are the players, and we have to decide if we wanna pay for this game, so I think that's the correct way, is not a solution be writting 2 years in a vent thread for nothing.
    That simple.

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    I have removed the posts on here that either broke Forum rules, or contained quotes of ones that did.

    Please, no more name calling, fighting, trolling, or discussion of Moderator actions. Ignore each other if you cannot stand what the other has to say, ok?

    Last edited by Cat Harrison; 01-30-2014 at 09:36 AM.

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    I accidentally moved the Vent thread to another forum after locking it, but it's back in General Discussion now Sorry about the confusion.

    Here is my closing post there:

    Quote Originally Posted by MDKII View Post
    Since the Vent Thread is getting out of line, we're locking it down. This thread was meant to vent over things like results you were unsatisfied with and generally for posts that don't encourage discussion. It was never meant to be a place to insult other individuals. There will be no Vent Thread #3 for the time being.
    With that question answered, I am locking this thread as well.
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