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Thread: Few interesting questions

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    its how the game engine is reacting on the players

    better is to make notes of the players stats how they are performing each match on their position

    and if they are not performing wel in 2 matches try to swith position and try that again if he is not doing wel after a couple of matches and

    if it is not working sell him or set him on the bench for 2 matches and try it again if you dont get result sell him or wait a season (5 star youngster)

    example i have a defender dc /dl who performs well only on the left dc position (centre) on the flanks and rightcentre he is terrible

    and so you have many players that you must tweak on their position and adjust their training
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    I really appreciate everyone's comments and I have taken some good points. However none of the questions were answered which I do understand is difficult

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    Look, ignore the height thing, formation wise, If I was you I would play either 4-4-2 or 3-1-4-2 that suits the players you have, use them for now and be thinking on the lines of getting rid of any really older players at some point!, try to keep you special ability players when you can, you should be looking to upgrade a few players each season, try to keep there condition to a maximum as best you can, when it come to training try and do it after you last match of the day and try to do at least two of them in one day, one thing to be aware of is when your next day match is, if it is only say 8-12 hours later then only do the lightest training!, this is what I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiZZee View Post
    At 174 h was he thin or fat? It would be difficult or an overweight short player to be successfull in the air against tall defenders
    why? Maradona and Ronaldo did it.

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    But Maradona nor Ronaldo were fat up to peak... Maybe Ronaldo at the end, but that was at the end.
    I love Mara to this day for his on field play. Ain't Nobody gonna bad mouth him...cannot recall at thus time of a late Saturday afternoon his head scoring abilities... But his centre of gravity vs height ratio.....awesome.
    Also the ability of defense to kick the ****e out of him.....sad
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