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Thread: Credit Crunch in Top Eleven? - New Transfer System

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    Credit Crunch in Top Eleven? - New Transfer System

    The joys of the new transfer market are beginning to take effect. I do wonder about the wider economics of the game though.

    The upward flow of cash has been slashed. This is because teams cannot trade their players to lower level teams as easily. Without the cash from these sales teams can not build teams of the quality they would like. Where is this shortfall in cash flow going to come from?

    Even if token buyers purchase lots of cash and this pumps money back into the game. How does it find its way to the pockets of non-token buyers? I haven't worked this out.

    Could there be a 'Credit Crunch' on top eleven?

    If yes, what do you think could happen?

    People operating in overdraft
    (Best player always transfer listed)

    Lower quality of competition
    (A new paradigm will be set. Lower quality players on less money will become the new normal)

    New token buyers will be born
    (Probably nordeus' favourite outcome. People will see the opportunity that buying scouts can bring for short term success)

    People abandon their teams
    (Probably the outcome nordeus fears the most. Token buyers need 'cannon fodder' They don't enjoy fighting with other token buyers)

    Quantitative easing
    (Nordeus will pump more money into the game. More TV/Prize money/better sponsorships)

    Any other outcomes people can think of? Or maybe there will be no credit crunch and I am talking rubbish.

    P.S I know its technically no-one trades on the game on credit. So it wont be a 'credit crunch' but you get what I mean
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    something we actually agree on with not being able sell we can not get the funds to buy better`s and only option as you said on another thread is sack player well this is not an option as not only do you lose value but you also have to pay the remainder of their contract so below is example

    player`s value £49 mil then paying the remaining contract (3yrs) an extra £7.5mil so in all £56.5 million down the drain

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    Every decent game makes the player advance over time. If negative cash flow does occur with new transfer market, nordeus will notice for sure and remake if they are wise enough not to take a huge loss on their players database.

    You see nowadays game developers have to care about their players database. Even the freeloaders.
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    I should have added another one.

    Player transfers stall
    I have been promoted and I have players I want to sell. But no players are of a quality I want to buy so there is not point releasing my weaker players because I can only replace them with equal quality.