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Thread: 3 injuries in the same game, after healing a player who was out for 19 days...

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    Angry 3 injuries in the same game, after healing a player who was out for 19 days...

    ... and no eliminations on the opposite team???
    I just healed a player who was supposed to be out for 19 days, spent all my healing packs. The very next game I get 3 players injured, one of them being the reserve i just put into game and in 2 minutes he was out!
    This is no "random" act, this is just plain direct hits taken at the managers... It is ALWAYS what happens when I heal a player who was supposed to be out for a long time. In the next game I ALWAYS get another player injured, for a longer period even, or I get more players injured. But 3 in one game and the other team only gets 1 yellow card?
    This is just messed up and those who created this game should be ashamed for such low and ****ed up schemes!

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    I'd say don't heal them and play them again straight away. If I get an injury today, I wait until tomorrow to heal the player, then the next day to start using them again. I don't have all these problems with recurring injuries. It might also be your grass and medical facilities, mine are maxed.
    God Bless!

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    My key striker got an injury yesterday for 18 days. How can I use him? he scored 26 goals at League and Cup this season
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    Wish i could answer well, the best thing is lose him on the market and the system force you to buy new player IMO.
    In that way, most player cant hold token too long in their pocket, either lose it on market or buying Medic pack.
    For me, I dont really care much about losing match so i put all my reserve in and let'em fight like dog lose their bone.
    I am relegate one season at level -3 , repeat again, Now system want to test my patient again, put me into shark league at lvl 4.
    Nvm i 'll be sitting at 6th or 7th position

    Cheers !!!