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Thread: Your closest league so far?

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    Your closest league so far?

    So last season my league was pretty close, 4 teams all fighting for it. But that doesn't even come close to how my current season is looking.

    10 teams, all seperated by 6 points, all 10 beating each other, 1 beats 2. then 4 beats 1 and 10 beats 2. And so fourth. I checked the Quality of every team. All are within 1Q of each other. ]

    Also 9 out of the 10 of these teams i have been in leagues with before or have fought in champions league with. I also noticed that 16 teams from my CL are also teams i have faced before.

    Also some friends in level 10 last season all finished inside the top 4. Yet are all still level 10. Is this really meaning im near the top of my server? I didn't think much of it until i realized all the teams im with now are teams i have seen progressing with me.

    So im wondering what is the closest league you have been in so far? This is already doing down as mine.
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    for me it was so easy to get my 3 league titles
    in level 2 only 1 fighting with me
    in level 3 also the same thing
    in level 4 i got the league with 24v and 2d no lost
    in the season 5 me with 5 others player fighting for the title with only 3 point
    i am leading with 1 in the same points
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    Last season I won the title while 8 out of 14 teams were racing to no 1 and that was my most exciting happy ending season so far.

    In most of the seasons I have participated in, there were 2-4 teams to join the title race, no more than that.
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    It was season 6 for me! it went down to the second from last game, I was top a point in front of second so I knew a win would seal it with a game to spare!, a draw would take it to the last day but a loss would mean I would be relying on him not winning and me bettering his result! so it was a massive league decider!, I had forseen this might happen so had rested some key players in the matches leading upto this game, this proved to be a master stroke as I won 2-0 but it was a tight game! both managers watched the game and at half time it was 0-0, I was getting worried so gambled on taking of my DMC and putting on a third ST!, it payed off I scored almost immediatly after the sub and then again late on! so all was good in the end but it could have gone the other way!.
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    My closest leauge was the 15th. There was 1 game left and the first ranked had 2 points more than me. I had to play against him and I won 2-1 in the 89th minute

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    Toughest league so for is this year for me, and ive always had teams same quality as me as friends to make leagues balanced, but this one rocks
    Of 10 teams, the best team has 51.2Q, the lowest has 48.7!! Lol
    Don't be fooled by the points difference the 1st has a tough end of mid season and the lowest has only easy games in hand till mid season..
    Also I've never seen so many ties tense games lol
    Hopefully things stay close till the end and I get some silverware
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    My league has always been between 4-6 teams competing. Q varies but formations rules...
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    only season 3 (get 4th, very hard) and season 9 now (currently 6th).. the rest are easy, no competition.. better suffering with competition than win the league easily.. hehe

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    in my league there are 8 team with 6 point`s difference from 1st to 8th and i`m currently 2nd so fairly happy as it could be anybody`s league from 1st to 8th

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    last season was the only one really close . i won on goal difference while my opponent lost his last game against a much weaker team

    other season weren`t really that close

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