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Thread: Not a cent from me

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    I don't understand why anyone would pay real money to play this game. Maybe £10 or something small like that as a one off to get special features, but certainly not at the prices that are asked here. The top package - 1900 Tokens costing £100 in the UK. That is simply obscene, especially more so when the game engine has so many faults.

    I've been able to farm several thousand Tokens. I comfortably have enough that I wish I could sell them back to T11 at the rate they sell them as I would make a fortune.

    What sticks as funny to me is that for those that have spent money on this game over the years, what do they have to show for it. You could spend £50 now for a few hundred Tokens and have a super team using those Tokens. You get successive promotions for 3/4 seasons then you need to either buy again, or start again with "normal" game play. Or you could not buy, use the free Tokens and more often than not still get promotions. All that happens is the buyer is £50 lighter, but hasn't really advanced any further in the game.

    I'm at level 14. I make that to mean that anyone at level 10 or below me can not have a better team than me if I got a team of 5 star players. In theory a level 9 player could spend THOUSANDS on the game and make every player they have 9 star, yet they will not have a better team than me. That shows how stupid it is to pay real money.

    I see posters on here almost show off with pride what "success" they have had having bought Tokens for their team and I can't help but pity them. Its a game, nothing more. Its made even more funnier that the game is that unfair that anyone in the UK can easily farm thousands. The fact that UK players have spent money on this is even more hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dman2pt View Post
    The only thing i do not like on this post is the video!
    LOL... wel, J.J. moved David Luiz to the sideline and left Luisão as a lonely centre back... He hoped that like in Top 11, you could play with 7 men all out attack against a same level team and win like a boss. He was raped left and right, logically, as you can see at minute 1:40.

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