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Thread: Deducted 500 tokens when entered Level 9

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    Deducted 500 tokens when entered Level 9

    Why the number of tokens were deducted 500 when I entered Level 9 and made my number of token possess is -ve now. All token related actions now cannot be done even it required "0" token. Please advise.

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    Please be registred and contact to the support:
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    Did you recently complete an offer worth 500 tokens?

    Sometimes if you haven't followed the rules for obtaining them they deduct the tokens back from your balance after a short period, so if you were awarded 500 tokens and then spent them, you'll have a -500 balance.

    The reasons I can think of are use of proxies or cancelling a paid offer before the required period of subscription time.

    But as Khris said, try

    Although I suspect the problem lies with the token provider.
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