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Thread: Scout Player Performance

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    Scout Player Performance


    Just curious to get the thoughts of some more experienced members on the matter of scout player performance...

    I'm level 12 and spend a lot of time on Tapjoy/Supersonic and regularly use their offers to get presents for family members and the like. I invest this time and effort to get tokens that I choose to spend on players from the scout list.

    I'm quite strict about my choice of player, generally speaking...young and 1-2 points from the next level. Yet, over the seasons, I've had several players who got ratings from 3-6 and very rarely anything above. My latest got three 4 ratings in a row before I sold him. I have tried these players in several positions, although there aren't many options for strikers...

    I kept one of them for two seasons before I eventually got sick of him...for those who suggest a player will eventually come good, I refute your claim most heartily.

    Does anyone else have experience of this?

    An investment of 50 tokens is a hefty one...if a player is 'scouted' then surely we can expect a standard of performance commensurate with that fact.

    I've found this very frustrating...anyone else?

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    The only 2 i got, played wonderfull.
    They were both ST 22 years old, CK, and 1level to 7th star.

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    There have been so many threads started about scouts. Please browse the forum or do a quick search. It will save a lot of ppl time and avoid repeating the same thing over and over again.

    As for your scout - yours must be one of the 12%.

    Scouts - Hit, Miss or Almost there?
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    I had.... wait... I will count looking old archives saved:

    s4- Jamie Rees
    s5-Edgar Davids, Oliver Kahn,
    s6-Gary Murray, Rodrigo Curieses, Franck Ribéry, (Saig?7*???)
    s7-Matteo Brighi, Robben, Van Nistelrooy.
    s8-Roberto Carlos, Shevchenko, Ronaldinho
    s9-Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink
    s10-Yavor Patrov, Klose, Djibril Cissé

    s11??? Cafú, Ballack, Overmars

    All Good, only 2 bad, Djibril Cissé, and Ronaldinho.... but the last Goal of Dinho' was the passing to our...4th CL final if I remember... Too scored one of the 5 goals of the 1st that we won.

    22 scouts in 17 seasons. Lots of youngers of the academy. Now 2 Nordgens, very good players.

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    A scout is nothing more then a player 1-5 lvls stronger then a 5 star player. The difference between a 3* player vs a 4* player is exactly the same. Why anyone would shell out money or waste time farming Tokens for it, is beyond me, there are plenty, plenty of 5* players who'll outperform most scouts, just like there's plenty of 3* players who even outperform 5-6* players.

    edit in: scout's just a fancy word for 7*, nothing more or less, allthough the fancy name and the pricetag might insinuate otherwise.
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    Ah, yes, apologies, once I read your post I saw that there were several threads that answered my question...