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Thread: Player Form.

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    Player Form.

    I'm only LVL 6 at this point. I still have a lot to learn.

    I was wondering what sort of expectations people have for their players. Obviously a player who is in 8-9 form is doing just fine. In my League I currently have the best performing player with a form rating of 8.11. Players who are 7-8 I don't worry much about but when I start to get 6's or lower I start to worry. This has been by far my worst season so only now am I starting to be concerned about this. Here's a look at my teams Form and their Quality:

    Player Form.-top-11.jpg Player Form.-top-11.1.jpg

    By looking at this, you can see the Quality doesn't seem to match the Form. Unicorn seems to be underperforming as does my midfield save Kahn; and his Quality is lower so I don't expect as much. In fact it looks like my midfield is getting eaten alive. At the same time, Grimes is in decent form for all the goals he scores (free kicks) and he's my weakest starter.

    What are your expectations of your players? When one starts to drop in form, what actions do you take? At what point do you consider one's form to be below standards?

    I'm 12-0-6 in League (hopping between 3rd-6th), and I was eliminated in the Cup at the Playoff stage, and eliminated from the CL at the Group stage with a 1-3-2 record.
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    There are so many factors, it's quite difficult to advise, to be honest. From a quick glance, the only player that stood out to me was Food, but I have no way of knowing what formation/tactics/level of opposition you had or were playing against.

    DMC's & MC's are notorious for bad ratings. I've had a MC score 2 goals, get an assist, block several opposition shots and still get a 5.
    GK's are often harshly done by in the ratings, also, in my experience.

    If you have players that you only play against the poorer teams in your league, and their form looks good, it could be misleading. Conversely, if your best players are always playing against the best teams, it could swing the other way.

    My personal opinion is that I will suffer the odd 5 rating as par for the course, and even the odd 4, but a string of 4's is unacceptable. I've had a 3 once, and I sold him instantly, but never seen lower than that, except a 0 in the case of an early injury/red card.

    If I find a player never gets above a 6 after 15 games, I sell them, even if they are 7-star. I would rather have a 5-star performer than a 7-star dud.

    But that's just me.

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    You will always get some bad ratings as not every player will perform well all the time, there are a few factors that could contribute to this?.
    1 Every player has a prefered position and formation/s which suit his quality!.
    2 Having quality players around him.
    3 Make sure you buy HOT PROSPECTS as these tend to be reall good!
    4 Orders, try him with arrow and try phocus passing towards those players to get the best out of them!
    5 keeping condition and morale to 90% or more
    6 Buying wing players with the same side kicking foot!
    There are many more I just cant remeber all of them!, if after all these factors he continue s to be poor then its time to get rid! , you have more than likely picked up a dud!, you have to sometimes think that seeing a 5* player with 4 or 9 is not always going to be great! so if he is not a HOT PROSPECT you are probably getting a poor player.
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