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Thread: Trebles, Triplas, Tripletes!!!...

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    Trebles, Triplas, Tripletes!!!...

    Who has just won one?

    My managerial skills (hahaha, private joke!) have earned me the first treble with my main team!

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    I have won 2 trophies before but never tremble for me. This season I dared to embark on the championship journey with 3 different teams: Panatha lvl 17, my secondary team at lvl 11 which exists only for formation experiments and a third lvl2 I have created just to play with a friend.

    So far I have won 2 championships, one cup and I am close to a third championship with my lowest team. I was also twice finalist at championsleague but while I dont buy or farm(I tank), I had to face one full scout team and one word class team in those finals(both teams from uk). So nooooo way I could win those matches, just enjoyed the run as a freeloader.

    Thats all I could go for and I think I can be satisfied. On a second thought I dont think I will try again to coach simultaneously 3 teams because it can be time consuming and brake morale since x3 coaching = x3 chances for unfair results.

    Gratz on your tremble. You 're the iron man!
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    Thanks for your words, Spyros mate!

    I dropped 20 bucks when I started playing this one year ago but it never worked for me because I would always be beaten in auctions or face managers with gazillions of tokens and teams between 10 and 15 points above mine. This season I had the same hopes of always but to my surprise most of token buyers devoured each other in the first round and in the quarter finals the remaining ones were trolled by teams worse than mine. My chance! And I got the rest of the competitions too! Nice season!

    Meanwhile, months ago I had started a 35 tokens' team and with the exact same tactics I had already won a treble without effort. Puzzling.

    Anyway, what matters is real life!
    Força Panathinaikos!!! Força Gate 13!!!
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    Well done Celtic!!!!!
    it just goes to show that if you put in hard work with your team and focus on great management and tactics you can achieve great things in Top 11

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    Congratulations on your first TREBLE @Celtic......

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    Congrats, bro...
    Our Winning 11 was going so close this season...double and 2nd place in cup...We were bad luck..We were equally everything with the cup winner. balancing in attacking, defending and 1-1 result ....losing narrow result 2-1 after decide attacking to last 10 minutes and got counter attack...Hope can do better next season...
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