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Thread: suggestion for suggestion

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    suggestion for suggestion

    this is a long post, turn back now if you cant be bothered to at least read through it. non translator friendly, figure it out yourselves
    this is no way shape or form a suggestion as the title suggests, but more like a discussion on suggestions. so 'suggestion for suggestion' fits just fine
    and just another small note, im just talking about suggestions. not venting and stuff, way too mainstream for me, man

    a while back i made another 'request' (i prefer feedback because thats what it really was) on the nordeus boards about what was the point of having a 'suggestion' subforum whatnot on the board and forum. i wasnt surprised seeing it deleted (mysteriously vanished) just like my 'request' (again, feedback) about releasing changelogs and info given to the forum staff. along with many unpopular spam posts, they were most likely deleted because no one else agreed with me. goes to show you the support boards nothing but kids on the site

    heres a suggestion for suggestion, whats the point of having it? we have many suggestions to help make the game much better, attract more players, and literally reach its full potential. you have yet to realize just one. the asymmetrical friendly match and 3 hours gap between games arent suggestions, they shouldve been implemented from the start. i know its probably hard to break it to you guys, but yeah, official logos and kits shouldnt be at the top of your priorities. i know, truth hurts. this game has been crying for drastic changes over the years

    now heres when my past experiences have some funsies. i was a part of a couple of modding teams, on some games i was a solo modder. most probable cause of why i escaped high school AND college with just a 2.5 but yeah, at least i passed them XD. this is true for both team and solo projects though, I LOVE seeing users reports!!! NO im not crazy. why do i love them? it shows people at least like our project enough if they report things back to us. be it bugs, feedbacks, suggestions, and hatemails (again, JK). every user reports helpful to help us release a better update, and if possible, an actual end project, but you know most modders wont stop. sure most of the time we end up paying money out of our pockets to keep us up and running since we dont really care about donations, but you guys? i dont care about donations about my own projects since i dont have a credit card ever since i was butt ducked by paypal/ebay. i have little experience with graphic arts, but yeah, they are probably harder than adding in a few check functions here and there. unless of course you guys send templates to the official teams and have them do it themselves

    you guys have a huge income compared to modders. out of the 10M users, ill say 1M are active. out of the 1M ill say 100K are token buyers and average out around $100 a year. give n take $10M, i know some people buy way more than that, some may even buy more in a month. now im not an accountant kind of guy so if anyone wants to comment on this feel free. i dont know how you guys handle ad/sponsorship money but lets just say they negate each other for easys sake

    ill most certainly cause a disaster if i suggest some scripts here, cause you know, i could probably make a few pages on how to make things better, so ill just skip that part

    time to comment on the 'updates', both asymmetrical friendly match thing and the 3 hour gap. ignoring all the 'added new language', 'minor updates to improve gameplay', and so on, theyre as real as oversized mice who can use lightning based attacks. im ignored (as with everyone else) over at the asymmetrical friendly thread. this is one of the upgrades we were looking for. im on the fence on friendlies because i dont have anyone in my friend list who sends random friendlies, but i like to play friendly games between my two teams. i still think a 'reject friendly' option only changeable before the league starts would be far better because (lets not talk about realism) that seems more fair. if people dont want to play friendlies they can easily toggle the option on, and after the league season starts they cant change it. this means no one can challenge them to a friendly AND send friendlies themselves. hell even a 'friendly waiting pool' where you just dump your team and the game matches you with other poolers is better. i think the new codes still missing something, and that is WHY can i not cancel the friendly AND WHY negate the away teams gains/pains if the away manager watched, subbed and changed formation?

    i see you guys arent commenting on the exploit, but instead deleting some of my posts. there were a few threads up and running about it. the way i see it is you guys are turning a blind eye on this and will allow it to go on because i dont see a 'why am i banned'/'why has my team started from zero again' threads. now heres my theory (that im not sure of yet because i will never have that many tokens): both teams get the money. computer wise, you CAN pay a negative amount (and end up getting paid instead of paying) to a player, a script checks whether or not youve paid (paying that negative amount) and the paid money goes through to the selling club. as you guys see, many people are taking advantage of that exploit, even those that are under level 5. this is a huge red flag for me so i wont comment on it any more

    my post over at the nordeus board was much more beautiful. this isnt a fitting enough justice for me. ask the devs sealed the deal for me

    im out
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