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Thread: Train 5 star player

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    Train 5 star player

    I have a Russian 5 star striker aged 25 called evgeny chernov and he has a 1 on 1 special ability but could I train him to a six star and can you do this with any 5 star players

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    I wouldn't bother starting any power training with a 25 year old tbh... Unless he is a very important player for you.
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    I'm new to this game and play on iphone and what is power training. But I do know the basics I won the first season and I'm in my 2nd season, so what is power training and I'm on iphone not computer

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    Power training means using the green packs to replenish your man instead of letting him gain condition normally.
    You use 6 x stretching, 2 x cardio and 1 practice match every hour, on 'hard' intensity.
    Repeat until the man is at the level you want.

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    Ideally you only want to do the extra training on a fast training younger player that you intend to keep for several Seasons.
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    A 25 year old can accumulate a good number of skill points over the season and probably can maintain a 5 star for a few seasons. (If he is a good ST)

    If you play him everyday in every match, he may get to 6 star, no problem, but I would be happy if he maintains 5 star for 2-3 season.
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