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Thread: The SICK BAY

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    Post The SICK BAY

    Real Messy has been one of my consistent injury magnets. I decided to document their injury list here. So far, 4 injuries in 2 days. You are welcomed to add on.

    Day2. Rahman - 6 days, FF, home
    D2. Veljkovic - 2 days, FF, home
    D3. Peters - 2 days, HF, home
    D3. Tarabini - 6 days, FF, match practice

    *FF - Fully fit
    *HF - Half fit

    Packs used so far - 2

    I don't buy or farm tokens for this account so the injuries will be treated normally with packs in game or natural healing process.
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    Good idea.

    Here's my log from last season
    Season Day Player Position 1st XI player or Reserve? Intial Days out Injury type Activity Packs used Actual Games Missed
    5 Matthew Hudak DC/DMC Fringe 6 Knee cartilage tear Training: Practice Match 15 0
    6 Erkut Aktas ML/AML First 5 Dislocated ankle Training: Practice Match 15 0
    7 David Montes DML/DMC/DMR Fringe 2 Ankle Strain CL Match 0 1
    8 Yavuz Uzuner GK Reserve 2 Ankle Strain Friendly Match 5 0
    10 Kwame Yeboah GK First 3 Back Pain Training: Cardio 9 0
    14 Kwame Yeboah GK First 2 Hamstring Strain Grade 1 League Match 5 0
    15 Muhammed Devira DC/DL Reserve 2 Hamstring Strain Grade 1 Training: Practice Match 0 1
    16 Lukascz Osinski MC First 6 Hamstring Strain Grade 2 League Match 15 0
    19 Lukascz Osinski MC First 5 Hamstring Strain Grade 2 Training: Practice Match 14 0
    19 Mohammed Eid AMR/MR First 5 ACL Tear CL Match 12 1
    23 Lukascz Osinski MC First 6 ACL Tear CL Match 14 1
    24 Arthur Davis MC Reserve 4 Thigh Strain Friendly Match 12 0
    24 Franscesco Fornasari DL/DML First 4 Calf Strain Power Training: Practice Match 12 0
    25 Paul Brennan MC Reserve 4 Thigh Strain League Match 9 1
    26 Hemza Bouhalfa DC/DMC First 3 Ankle Strain Friendly Match 9 0

    And to get this season started
    Season Day Player Position 1st XI player or Reserve? Intial Days out Injury type Activity Packs used Actual Games Missed
    3 Fayid Panglima ST Reserve 5 Knee cartilage tear League Match 14 0
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    My Second team carried over 2 long term injuries to 1st team strike pairing from Season 2. Had 1 Reserve ST so I bought another Striker on Day 1. 1st Cup game 'Reserve' Striker got injured (so 3/4 ST injured). Played the new Striker as lone attacker in return leg on Day 2, he survived. But ofc an MC got injured in training.

    I decided I needed 2 strikers for 1st league game so healed best 1 who was injured from Season 2. Day3, the new striker gets injured in 1st league match, so now I have 1/4 strikers fit for CL match later. Total 4 injuries atm.

    I don't remember any days last season without injuries in squad (not unusual), several occasions saw them carry 4 or 5 injuries but never more than that. Only reason I buy players for this side is due to injuries.

    I think home ground is on a mountainside and boot sponsor is a Dutch clog manufacturer.
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    Last seasons, Nordeus has been taking back all the farming we have done, by farming red packs from us like there's no tomorrow.

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    Just to take out minds off the transfer markets, here's my injury log for last season:

    The SICK BAY-injury-logs6.png

    Overall I had slightly more injuries this season than last - possibly reflects that I got knocked out of the Cup a lot earlier in season 5
    Summarising the last 2 seasons:
    The SICK BAY-injury-smmry-s6.png

    A few remarks (that can be taken with a big grain of salt given the pitiful sample size - anecdotal evidence is seldom reliable)
    1) I'm quite good at farming tokens - despite burning through 334 in 2 seasons I currently have 140 in the bank. And it's 3 seasons since I last bought any with tokens (and I only bought 60-odd then). iPod/iPad lets me watch videos for around 10 packs (of various types) a day
    2) My defenders and strikers are less likely to get injured than midfielders and GKs
    3) I should probably get out more.

    Some overall detail:
    The SICK BAY-injury-pos-s6.png
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Injury Pos S6.PNG 
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    The SICK BAY-injury-type-s6.png
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