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Thread: Question about new players

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    Question about new players

    Hi all,

    i'm a bit irritated about buying new players from transfer market.
    at the beginning of a new season i buy 5-8 new players with the highest quality, but i always lose the first games.

    My question is, is there something that this "new" team needs to have more training together to get more experiance, playing together, like in real live?

    hope you know what i mean :-)



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    Every 2-3 seasons (if I don't train my players) I sell them all on the last day of season and buy 10-14 new scout players .. however, first few games go terribly wrong .. (against teams that are 10-15q lower) .. it usually takes about 5 games till they play well together (you have to adjust the places as well) ST MC DC, some ST/MC/DC perform better on right rather than left etc, etc, .. left foot striker usually play on right side, right side striker play on left .. I hope you get the point .. so I believe the answer is YES.

    Good luck.
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    Yeah I think there is a penalty for new players in the game, so try to balance your changes from year to year and avoid having one year where you get a lot of new players

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    Most debutants in my teams don't perform but some have played a blinder. I'd guess there could be a debut penalty but sometimes the 'genreated/random factors' out weigh it. (I do recall a striker that scored a hat-trick on his debut but broke his foot so there was balance I suppose >.< .)